These Tiny, Dainty Bud Vases Make Huge Statements

The right vessel can elevate even the smallest collection of blooms.

Monique Lhuillier Glass Bud Vases
Photo: Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Creating an impactful, eye-catching flower arrangement doesn't require a massive vessel, floral tape, and dozens of bloom varieties. In fact, the tiniest possible holders, filled with just a single sprig, make statements all on their own. The key? Choosing a dainty, design-minded bud vase that has presence with or without blossoms. Luckily, there are tons of options on the market today that speak to all interior styles, from rustic and earthy to modern and glam. Ahead, some of our favorites—use them to create your own single-stem arrangements for a unique, understated focal point in your home.

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Gary Bodker

Gary Bodker Little Gem Vase
Courtesy of West Elm

Inspired by the beauty of small moments and the individuality of raw gems, these little treasures—which come in a myriad of upbeat colorways—look even better when filled with a single flower sprig. We recommend using ranunculus, a variety that speaks to the whimsicality of the vessels.

Shop Now: Gary Bodker Little Gem Vase, $28,

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Monique Lhuillier

Monique Lhuillier Glass Bud Vases
Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Looking for something a little more classic, but still design-forward? Consider this trio, composed of subtly different vases for nuance and texture.

Shop Now: Monique Lhuillier Glass Bud Vases, $39.50 for three,

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Afloral Beige Mini Porcelain Ceramic Bud Vase
Courtesy of Afloral

Earthy and organic, this ceramic option looks best when filled with dried florals.

Shop Now: Afloral Beige Mini Porcelain Ceramic Bud Vase, $16,

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Anthropologie Mooney Vase in White
Courtesy of Anthropologie

Thanks to its bold, exaggerated texture, this vessel will make a statement whether it is full of blooms or empty.

Shop Now: Anthropologie "Mooney" Vase in White, $22,

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Global Views

Global Views Chinoise Linera Bud Vase
Courtesy of Macy's

Seven bud vases are better than one—this multi-vessel piece is proof. Fill it with tonal blooms within the same color family for a dynamic, palette-driven display.

Shop Now: Global Views Chinoise "Linera" Bud Vase, $158,

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Heath Ceramics

Heath Ceramics Bud Vase in Cool Lava
Courtesy of Heath Ceramics

Originally designed by ceramicist Edith Heath in the 1980s, this tiny vessel stands the test of time. Place it on a bookshelf, coffee table, or entryway console. It works anywhere and everywhere.

Shop Now: Heath Ceramics Bud Vase in Cool Lava, $52,

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Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel Patine Cream Bud Vase
Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Minimalists will appreciate this streamlined, goes-with-everything piece with a teardrop silhouette. It can hold a single stem or a small spray if you want to kick it up a notch.

Shop Now: Crate & Barrel "Patine" Cream Bud Vase, $5.95,

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Sheldon Ceramics

Sheldon Ceramics Terra Cotta Round Bottle Vase
Courtesy of Sheldon Ceramics

It doesn't get more earthy or rustic than this ultra-tiny pot, made two-tone thanks to porcelain slip brushed onto terra-cotta.

Shop Now: Sheldon Ceramics Terra Cotta Round Bottle Vase, $76,

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Buddy Cabin

Buddy Cabin Morandi Ceramic Vase
Courtesy of Etsy

Take a mix-and-match approach with these modern vessels, which look better together (and filled with monochrome bunches of blossoms).

Shop Now: Buddy Cabin "Morandi" Ceramic Vase, from $30,

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The White Company

The White Company Claydon Bud Vase
Courtesy of The White Company

Here's a ribbed option that works across a ton of interior décor styles, from farmhouse-inspired to contemporary.

Shop Now: The White Company "Claydon" Bud Vase, $9,

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Bloomist Recyled Glass Bud Vase in Smoke
Courtesy of Bloomist

Thanks to a slightly off-center opening, this piece feels fresh and unique.

Shop Now: Bloomist Recyled Glass Bud Vase in Smoke, $30,

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Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie Marlin Vase
Courtesy of Z Gallerie

If your space is all about the glamour, bookmark this gilded showstopper which also feels subtly coastal (it was inspired by coral!).

Shop Now: Z Gallerie "Marlin" Vase, from $38.99,

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