Weave your own friendship-turned-grownup accessory with leather cording, magnetic brass clasps, and a braid style that's easy to master.
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person wearing multiple braided leather bracelets
Nico Schinco

Braided string bracelets have a special place in our hearts, but they're as fleeting as a week at summer camp. These grown-up leather versions are for keeps: They'll last well past Labor Day, and look even better over time on your own arm or those of the lucky friends, grads, or even dads you gift them to. Cut foot-long strands of the cord, then pick your plait: chunky traditional, sleek fishtail, or wide snake belly. If you're crafting for a crew, you can use pre-braided cord like Leather Cord USA Flat-Braided Three-Strand Cord in Natural Brown ($10 for two meters, leathercordusa.com). Once you've got a length that'll wrap comfortably around your recipient's wrist, trim the ends, add a dot of hot glue, and tuck them into the caps of a magnetic clasp closure for a secure and shining finish.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

snack-belly how-to illustration step one
Step 1

Start with six strands of leather cord, each a foot long. Secure them side by side in a binder clip.

snack-belly how-to illustration step two
Step 2

Bring the far-right strand over the one to its left, then under the next strand to the left.

snack-belly how-to illustration step three
Step 3

Bring the far-left strand under the strand to its right, then over the next two strands to the right.

snack-belly how-to illustration step four
Step 4

Keep repeating steps two and three until the braid is the desired length.


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