The Best Cutting Boards for Every Type of Cooking Project

From carving boards to butcher blocks to marble cheese boards, these are the best cutting boards for prep work and parties alike.

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Food52 x Epicurean Precision Cutting Board
Photo: Courtesy of Food52

They're among the most valuable and versatile tools in the kitchen, but cutting boards often seem like an afterthought. No longer! It's time to let cutting boards step into the spotlight. After all, they keep our precious countertops and sharpest chef's knives safe, and often look good, too. In fact, many of them can double as a stylish serving board for a cheese plate or double as kitchen décor when not in use. But with so many options lining the shelves of your favorite kitchen equipment stores, how do you know which one is right for you?

Before purchasing a cutting board, it's important to consider what you'll be using it for. Are you looking for an all-purpose workhorse for everyday cooking, a board for carving holiday roasts, or a marble board that can double as a decorative platter? Though they usually serve multiple purposes, all cutting boards are not created equally and some are more durable or resilient than others. To help with your hunt, we've rounded up our favorite cutting boards for all types of projects, from slicing and dicing to serving.

The Best Cutting Boards to Buy Now

Best All Purpose

OXO Good Grips Polyproplyene Cutting Board
Courtesy of OXO

This everyday board is a workhorse in the kitchen. Perfect for tackling daily tasks like chopping vegetables or larger projects like breaking down a whole chicken, this option is durable and resilient. The polyproplyene material is non-porous, which means it remains free of lasting odors (despite how much garlic you chop on it!). We also like that the grooved perimeter catches drips to prevent unnecessary mess and that the surface is double sided to reduce the chances of cross contamination.

Shop Now: OXO Good Grips Polyproplyene Cutting Board, $18,

Best for Precision Cutting

Food52 x Epicurean Precision Cutting Board
Courtesy of Food52

Equipped with all the angles and measurements you'll ever need, this cutting board is like a knife-skills workbook all-in-one. Who needs culinary school? This board will guide you on how to julienne, small dice, and even brunoise.

Shop Now: Food52 x Epicurean Precision Cutting Board,

Best Butcher Block

John Boos 18 inch Cutting Board
Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Boos boards are the industry standard for heavy-duty butcher blocks, and buying one is almost a rite of passage for any serious home cook. Made from cherry wood edge grain construction, this board is as beautiful to look at as it is efficient to use. It's perfect for a variety of tasks, from cutting herbs and vegetables to carving meat. For best results, make sure to treat it with board oil and wash only by hand.

Shop Now: John Boos 18-Inch Cutting Board, $98,

Best Flexible

Dexas Flexi Synthetic Cutting Boards
Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

For a flexible cutting board that won't slip, try these surprisingly durable boards. The thin design allows you to bend them and easily funnel ingredients into mixing bowls or hot pans, and the nonskid surface won't skate around on your countertop.

Shop Now: Dexas Flexi Synthetic Cutting Boards, $20 for four,

Best Marble Slab

French Kitchen Marble Pastry Slab
Courtesy of Crate and Barrel

If you're looking for an alternative board to roll out and cut doughs, one made from marble is the way to go. Marble stays colder than wood does, so when working with pizza dough or cookie dough, it's preferable to do so on marble; a traditional cutting board could cause the dough to get too warm and sticky. This one is also gorgeous to look at, so it doubles as an elegant platter.

Shop Now: French Kitchen Marble Pastry Slab, $60,

Best Mini

Material Kitchen the Mini reBoard
Courtesy of Material Kitchen

When there's no need to dirty a big board, this miniature option from Material Kitchen does the trick. It's a compact board just right for when you want to slice lemon for drinks or cut some cheese and crackers for a quick snack. Even better? The board is dishwasher safe and made from recycled plastic.

Shop Now: Material Kitchen the Mini reBoard, $25,

Best Handcrafted

J.K. Adams Handcrafted Board with Knife Storage
Courtesy of Food52

These handcrafted maple cutting boards are made in Vermont and hold your knives in a slot underneath the board—the heavy magnets will keep it in place while you're between tasks. Convenient feet lift this design above the countertop, keeping it clear of spills or cross contamination.

Shop Now: J.K. Adams Handcrafted Board with Knife Storage, Available in Small, Medium, or Large, From $75,

Best for Serveware

Mark and Graham Customizable Serveware
Courtesy of Mark and Graham

Maple hardwood is the ideal surface to cut cheese, crudités, or fruit, and the functional design of this board means it doubles as an attractive serving platter once all your prep work is done.

Shop Now: Mark and Graham Customizable Serveware, $200-$270,

Best for Carving

J.K. Adams Traditional Carving Board with Spikes
Courtesy of Sur La Table

Have you ever pulled a beautiful bird out of the oven, only to have it slip and slide around while you try to carve into it? This board is specifically designed to prevent that problem, and it's meant for carving large cuts. The built-in spikes grab on to the meat holding it in place, while the expertly-placed grooves allow juices to drip and run without creating any mess. After use, moisturize the board with mineral oil to prevent the wood from drying out.

Shop Now: J.K. Adams Traditional Carving Board with Spikes, $110,

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