Five Expert-Approved Tips for Tastefully Decorate Your Wedding with Glitter or Sparkles

If glitz and glam is your thing, there are ways to make it work for your wedding day.

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Weddings are meant to be magical, and whether a couple chooses to use twinkle lights, lots and lots of candles, or romantic music, creating that magical atmosphere is easily achievable. But what if romance isn't the only vibe you're going for on your big day? For most couples, a wedding is the biggest party they'll ever throw, so planning a fun, memorable celebration is also important. When something sparkles, you're pretty much guaranteeing a good time.

However, the aversion to glitter and sparkles is well-documented, but our experts say it doesn't have to be that way. If you're looking for tips for tastefully decorating your ceremony or reception with glitter without crossing the line into juvenile, we have plenty of ideas.

Keep It Small

Instead of covering the entire venue in sparkles from floor to ceiling, consider using glitter sparingly. Jordan Flowers, owner of Atlanta-based Emily Jordan Events, suggests incorporating glitter in small, impactful ways. "I would recommend incorporating actual glitter into decorative items like table numbers, frames for signs, and napkin ring holders," she says. You'll get that glamorous look you love, but it'll be be contained and understated.

Think of Alternatives

Some venues don't allow glitter in any capacity due to how tricky it can be to clean up. Lucky, there are plenty of ways to get that shimmering look you love without breaking the rules. Some stationery companies offer foil-pressed papers that any bride can turn into favor tags, menus, or programs. It's an easy way to add a touch of magic without going overboard.

Additionally, numerous companies offer linens that have that glitter effect. "Most linen companies have a line of linens that incorporate sequins that give the appearance of glitter," explains Flowers. "These linens are great for an estate table, high-boys during cocktail hour, or your cake table." Let these special linens highlight important areas of your reception, effortlessly.

Wear It

It seems an obvious answer, but more and more bridal salons are offering both glitter-embellished wedding dresses and accessories, and Maina Cioni of RocknEvents in Marina Del Ray is a big fan of adding tiny pops of glitter to your look. "I love when I see sparkles on a bride's shoes!" she says. "It adds a pop of color."

Flowers agrees. "My favorite way for a bride to be sparkly is with an outfit change during the reception," she explains. "We have had several brides choose a 'getaway' outfit that they change into about an hour before the reception ends. Pick something fabulous and sparkly!" She says that these "getaway" dresses are normally shorter and more playful, more fitting to the bride's personality, so go ahead and pick a dress or jumpsuit with sequined details.

If you've already picked out your dream wedding dress, know that there are other ways to add glitter to your look. From belts to headpieces, broaches to garters, eye shadows to highlighters, there are endless ways to bring a little sparkle to your big day.

Try Metallic

If you're feeling a little apprehensive about real glitter, know that there are some alternatives. that'll help you achieve a similar look. Samantha Rotter, owner and lead designer at The Perfect Moment in Denver, Colorado, loves the idea of using metallic accents in places where you were considering glitter or sparkles. "Another great way to go is mixing metallic—gold, silver, rose gold, and even bronze," she explains. In terms of your attire, accessories, or makeup, it's a good way to get the shiny, magical effect you want without having a potential mess on her hands. As for your overall décor, you'll also achieve a fun, festive vibe without running the risk of planning an event that feels too young.


If you really want to wow your guests, edible glitter is an incredible way to take your cocktails and desserts to the next level. "Having donuts or cupcakes with glitter on them is always an eye-catcher for guests who have a sweet tooth," Cioni says. And edible glitter can be incorporated pretty much anywhere. Go big and ask your baker to mix it into your cake's fondant or buttercream. For something a little more subtle, use it as a small dessert accent, or freeze it into ice cubes for your signature drink.

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