Your Guide to Spot Concealing Blemishes and Problem Areas

Take this approach if you don't enjoy full-coverage foundation.

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For some, full-coverage makeup—which might include foundation, concealer, and powder—feels like too much for daily wear, but that doesn't mean that you don't want to disguise certain skin concerns (think hyperpigmentation or pesky blemishes). Instead, you just don't want to feel weighed down by heavy products. If this sounds familiar, turn to spot concealing, which involves covering only specific spots or areas with makeup. Best of all, it's fairly easy to do and suits just about everyone. Ahead, Los Angeles-based celebrity makeup artist and KVD Beauty Global Veritas Artistry Ambassador Anthony H. Nguyen shares his best tips for mastering this method.

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Tap—don't brush—makeup on.

The key to spot concealing? Making sure a concealer or foundation blends in seamlessly, so you don't see the differentiation between product and skin. To do this, Nguyen uses a small concealer brush with fluffy, dense bristles to blend base over problem areas. But first, you will need to tap the product onto your face with your ring finger (brushing it on actually moves it away from where you want it to sit, he says) before going in with your tool.

Use only concealer.

Nguyen says you can get away with just using a concealer to cover dark circles, blemishes, or any other skin concern you might have. "I personally have hyperpigmentation, and for everyday makeup, I just conceal under my eyes and cover my spots," he says. "It's a great everyday 'no-makeup makeup' look and a cheat for looking like you just have naturally great skin. You don't always have to cover your whole complexion—just target what you specifically want to conceal." He prefers the KVD Beauty Lock-It Concealer ($27, "This has great coverage that lasts all day, doesn't crease, and has a wide range of color options and tones," he says. Another great option? Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer ($6.49,, which is lightweight and non-comedogenic.

Don't be afraid of the "full-coverage" label.

A full-coverage foundation is ideal for a special occasion—like a wedding or birthday—where you need your makeup to last for hours, but it can also be used to strategically to hide any skin concerns. Simply apply it like a concealer, advises Nguyen; there's no need to go over your entire complexion. "It can easily be manipulated in small doses by sheering out the product to make it less opaque," he says.

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