Our founder sat down with Food & Wine to talk about grilling essentials, her preferred vodka, and her new commercial with Snoop Dogg for BIC lighters.
Martha Stewart standing by pool holding cocktail tray
Credit: Noe Dewitt

Last summer, Martha nearly broke the internet with her viral pool selfie—which was later recreated by Chelsea Handler—and we have no doubt that she'll be spending lots of time outdoors again this season. This year, however, she'll likely have a bit more company. So what can we expect Martha to serve when friends and family visit her homes? Lots of cold vodka, of course. Our founder told Food & Wine that she always keeps her two favorite brands of vodka—Belvedere and Zubrowka—in her freezer. "I don't drink alone, just when I have a friend here or guests for dinner or cocktails. That's the only time I drink, but I always have that in the freezer," she said. Martha prefers to drink one of these two brands of Polish vodka with "fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice, vodka, a bit of lime, and lots of ice."

Martha, who is certainly a grill master in her own right, also shared tips for how to grill for a season of COVID-safe, summer entertaining. "Make something that you feel very comfortable making, maybe something that you learned during the last year and two months. And entertain! People are dying to go to other people's houses. They really are," she told Food & Wine.

And preparing to entertain this summer should be easier for Martha than ever before. Our founder recently teamed up with Snoop Dogg in a new commercial for BIC lighters. "The BIC EZ Reach lighter offers a solution to the everyday problem of lighting those hard-to-reach places, whether you are lighting candles, entertaining guests outdoors, or adding a finishing touch to that special birthday cake," said Martha in a press release. "I'm thrilled to partner with BIC to create my own line of beautifully designed and packaged EZ Reach lighters which bring function, innovation, inspiration, and beauty into the home and onto the table."

Snoop Dogg is just as excited about the partnership. "I love working with my friend Martha and we had a lot of fun showing off the many ways the BIC EZ Reach lighter truly is the ideal lighter for all lighting occasions," he said in a statement.

Whether you're lighting candles for the table or putting them on a birthday cake, Martha says the EZ Reach lighters will be a must-have item for summertime entertaining. "Finding the matches is always a problem. There's always that moment when you open a pack of matches that you got in some fabulous restaurant, and then you see that there's only one match left and you have eight candles to light. It is not going to work. This is so much easier," Martha told Food & Wine.


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