Tiffany & Co. Just Debuted Its First Engagement Ring Collection for Men

These signet-style bands are part of the jeweler's long-standing legacy in love and inclusivity.

Women aren't always the ones on the receiving end of an engagement ring—and Tiffany & Co. knows this. The iconic jeweler just announced its first engagement ring collection for men, composed of signet-style bands for grooms-to-be, named after company's founder Charles Lewis Tiffany. This new offering—which will become available for purchase on May 4—honors "the jeweler's long-standing legacy in love and inclusivity" and "paves the way for new traditions to celebrate our unique love stories," the brand announced in a press release.

tiffany & co engagement rings for men
Courtesy of Tiffany & Co.

These baubles are a grand departure from the traditional wedding band for him. With their signet silhouettes, the platinum and titanium designs speak to a myriad of men's styles with "powerful contours, contemporary profiles, and striking center diamonds," noted the brand.

tiffany & co engagement rings for men
Courtesy of Tiffany & co.

As for the cuts available? The collection's debut release will include both round brilliant and emerald-cut stones up to five (yes, five!) carats. The former will rest in a streamlined knife-edge band, inspired by the original Tiffany setting; the latter gems' settings feature strong, architectural beveled edges.

The gist? There's something for every future groom at Tiffany & Co.—and he'll be able to wear his engagement ring with pride and confidence, thanks to the House's commitment to diamond traceability. A leader in this field, the global luxury jeweler delivers the full craftsmanship journey for each newly sourced and individually registered diamond, including each diamond in this series; the stone's region or countries of origin, along with where it was cut, polished, graded, and quality assured, is provided at purchase. Armed with this important information, he can look down at his left ring finger—and towards his future—with pure joy.

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