Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts for First-Time Homeowners

Help them mark this major milestone with something beautiful.

burke decor french cutting board
Photo: Courtesy of Burke Decor

Purchasing one's first home is high on the list of major life moments and should undoubtedly be met with thoughtful gifts from a person's nearest and dearest. So, when it comes to selecting a housewarming present for a first-time homeowner, you should absolutely think beyond the generic bottle of wine. Instead, make your loved one's month with a little something that simultaneously brings aesthetic flair to and holds a purposeful function in their new space. Ahead, some curated ideas to inspire your own.

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Dutch Oven

Martha Stewart Collection 4-Quart Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven
Courtesy of Macy's

They will use a Dutch oven for soups and stews and homemade bread, too. Ultimately, there's nothing this mighty pot, from Martha's Macy's collection, can't do.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart Collection Four-Quart Enameled Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven, $56,

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Serving Utensils

Be Home Matte Gold Serving Set
Courtesy of Verishop

Set them up with luxe iterations of entertaining essentials they will use over and again—and any time you are over. This matte gold serving set pairs well with most dinnerware collections.

Shop Now: Be Home Matte Gold Serving Set, $36,

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Taper Candles

Serena & Lily Taper Candles
Courtesy of Serena & Lily

Adding a few candles to a tablescape makes it feel that much more curated while also transforming simple week-night meals into an ambient dining experience for two (or three, four, or five-plus, should they have kids!).

Shop Now: Serena & Lily Taper Candles, $48 for 10,

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Oil Dispenser

Terrain Recycled Glass Oil Dispenser
Courtesy of Terrain

This vintage-inspired oil dispenser looks so much sleeker on their countertops than generic bottles from the grocery store.

Shop Now: Terrain Recycled Glass Oil Dispenser, $48,

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CBD Gummies

Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Berry Medley Gummies
Courtesy of Canopy

Owning a home for the very first time can be stressful—there's no denying that. These stress-relieving gummies, which come in a myriad of berry flavors, will help them achieve a calm equilibrium when the fridge breaks or a leak springs.

Shop Now: Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Berry Medley Gummies, $35,

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Cozy Throw

Snowe Striped Throw Blanket
Courtesy of Snowe Home

Drape their couch with this neutral, goes-with-everything throw for an instant upgrade.

Shop Now: Snowe Striped Throw Blanket, $248,

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New Home Candle

Homesick New Home Candle
Courtesy of Homesick

Notes of fresh linen and crisp, clean air dominate in this aptly-named candle, which reinforces the idea of a new home as a blank canvas.

Shop Now: Homesick New Home Candle, $34,

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Bloomscape Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree
Courtesy of Bloomscape

Another way to bring instant polish to a room, even if boxes are still tucked into the corners? Some greenery. A fiddle leaf fig, an always-popular variety, will grow with them in their new space.

Shop Now: Bloomscape Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, $195,

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Door Mat

Azulina Home Door Mat
Courtesy of Azulina

A first impression begins at the porch. This fair-trade mat—handcrafted during women-led artisan workshops in Colombia—brings a touch of texture to their exterior entry.

Shop Now: Azulina Home Door Mat, $95,

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Spice Jars

The Muted Home Spice Jars with Wood Lids
Courtesy of The Muted Home

This 18-pack jar set is composed of borosilicate glass and handmade bamboo lids; the sleek canisters come with chic labels and a spice spoon. While this might be an organizational-themed gift, it's an aesthetically-pleasing one, too.

Shop Now: The Muted Home Spice Jars with Wood Lids, $125,

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French Cutting Board

Burke Decor French Cutting Board in Large
Courtesy of Burke Decor

Your loved one will prop these rustic boards against their backsplash for a farm house touch—and pull them out when it is time to arrange some charcuterie.

Shop Now: Burke Decor French Cutting Board in Large, $175,

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Ikebana Vase

Design within Reach Ikebana Vase
Courtesy of Design within Reach

This vessel makes minimalist flower arrangements simple, thanks to built-in slots for stems.

Shop Now: Design Within Reach Ikebana Vase, $132,

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Ferm Living Still Carafe
Courtesy of Ferm Living

Elegantly house water, juice, or wine in this carafe, which they will fill up regularly, guests or no guests.

Shop Now: Ferm Living Still Carafe, $55,

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Garden Tool Set

Barebones Gardening Tool Set
Courtesy Goodee

If your favorite new homeowner is looking forward to digging into or reshaping the existing garden beds, set him or her up with this comprehensive set, which includes a cultivator, spade, square hoe, and pair of shears.

Shop Now: Barebones Gardening Tool Set, $90,

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Leather Wine Holder

Cyan Design Large Brighten Wine Holder
Courtesy of Burke Decor

Are they wine aficionados? They will appreciate this modern rack; its leather loops securely hold their favorite vintages. Bonus points if you pair this gift with one of their favorite bottles.

Shop Now: Cyan Design Large Brighten Wine Holder, $115,

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Wine Glasses

Agustina Bottoni Calici Milanesi Wine Glass
Courtesy of The Webster

On the subject of wine—this goblet's shape was inspired by modern architecture in the 1930s, particularly the Villa Necchi in Milan, designed by Piero Portaluppi. Crafted from borosilicate glass in Italy, it features a delicate paneled detail. It will make a lovely addition to his or her bar cart.

Shop Now: Agustina Bottoni Calici Milanesi Wine Glass, $100 each,

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Martha Wine Co.

bottles of wine and tray of appetizer toasts
Courtesy of Martha Stewart Wine Co.

One last gift for the vintners: a monthly subscription to Martha's hand-picked wine service, which delivers a myriad of tried-and-true favorites straight to their door.

Shop Now: Martha Wine Co. Subscription, price dependent on subscription,

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Salt and Pepper Holders

Laurence Brabant Editions En Coulisses Shake & Ball Dispensers
Courtesy of &You

They haven't seen salt, pepper, or sugar shakers quite like these. Give these vessels a shake and the ball will shift, leaving the right amount of spice or seasoning on their dish or in their cup.

Shop Now: Laurence Brabant Editions "En Coulisses" Shake & Ball Dispensers, $85,

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Artisan Made Laurelwood Ladle
Courtesy of Cultiverre

Every new kitchen deserves a new wooden spoon. Enter this hand-carved, and delightfully unique, option from Artisan Made, whittled from sustainable wood by fair-trade artisans. It's absolutely timeless and a joy to hold.

Shop Now: Artisan Made Laurelwood Ladle, $28,

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Garden Seeds

Floret Farms Cress Emerald Bead Seeds
Courtesy of Floret Flowers

While cress is often an edible salad staple, if you allow the plant to go seed—resulting in Cress 'Emerald Beads' (Lepidium setatum)—you will have a lovely garden-bed filler on your hands. These will look lovely along their new home's pathways.

Shop Now: Floret Farms Cress Emerald Bead Seeds, $5.95,

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Guest Bathroom Towels

SFERA Filo Towel
Courtesy of SFERA

We love the calm, cool, earthy colorways of these guest bathroom towels. Get them monogrammed for a thoughtful touch.

Shop Now: SFERA "Filo" Towel, $35,

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Luxe Coasters

Ben Soleimani Clarion Circle Coaster
Courtesy of Ben Soleimani

Though they may be mostly functional, coasters can absolutely feel luxurious, as well. These leather circle iterations, which come in a moody midnight blue, are proof.

Shop Now: Ben Soleimani Clarion Circle Coaster, $106,

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Swan Salt Cellar

L'OBJET Swan Salt Cellar
Courtesy of GUMPS

Add some intrigue to their dining room table with this swan-shaped salt cellar. Watch it become a talking point when dinner parties become possible again.

Shop Now: L'OBJET Swan Salt Cellar, $150,

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Tea Towel

Fortnum & Mason Camellia Cotton Tea Towel
Courtesy of Fortnum & Mason

This wallpaper inspired tea towel is sure to be a mainstay in his or her summer kitchen décor.

Shop Now: Fortnum & Mason Camellia Cotton Tea Towel, $15,

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