Loll Designs Arbor Modern Birdhouse
Credit: Courtesy of Lumens

Our Favorite Birdhouses for Your Backyard

From durability to design, these are the worthwhile abodes, according to ornithological experts.
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With travel being limited last year, many people opted to explore their own backyards, creating spaces to escape, relax, and enjoy nature. Of course, it wasn't socially-distant from wildlife because so many birds exist in these settings. Birdwatching is a wonderful hobby, but creating a space for wildlife in your yard is a balancing act—it's best to keep your distance while still providing resources. From homemade bird baths to finding the right type of bird seed, there are many ways you can create a bird sanctuary in your very own backyard.

One of the most important features of these spaces are birdhouses, which provide protection when trees and bushes aren't working for nests. Birdhouses also add a fun decorative element to your yard. Things to consider are the birdhouse materials, the location you'll place it, the size, location and circumference of the bird hole, and the birdhouse's ability to be cleaned. With so many to choose from, here are our ten favorite birdhouses for your every birding need.

Top Picks

Ahead, shop our favorite birdhouses, including some recommended by the Audubon Society, and see why these work so well for birders of all levels and interests.

Nature's Way Bluebird Box House
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Best Overall

This durable birdhouse will serve you and your birds for years to come. It's made with insect and rot-resistant cedar and features rust-free hardware to ensure longevity. There's even a removable predator guard which extends the entrance hole to protect eggs and baby birds inside. The doors are easily maneuvered for cleaning, and air vents are included to allow for maximum ventilation. Its design works well for multiple avian species.

Shop Now: Nature's Way Bluebird Box House, $24,

Audubon Red Cedar Birdhouse
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Best Value

The National Audubon Society's birdhouse is perfect for bluebirds. Handcrafted cedar insulates this birdhouse, with a sloped roof to protect your little guests from rain. The front panel opens for nests and seasonal cleaning, and the price point makes this simple birdhouse the best value for your buck.

Shop Now: Audubon Red Cedar Birdhouse, $12,

Loll Designs Arbor Modern Birdhouse
Credit: Courtesy of Lumens

Most Eco-Friendly

If you want a birdhouse that's good for the birds and good for the planet, check out this option from Loll Designs. The company's birdhouses are made from recycled plastic milk jugs, making them more durable than wood which can rot, crack, and fade overtime. It also includes a drainage and ventilation system to keep the birds dry. 

Shop Now: Loll Designs Arbor Modern Birdhouse, $125,

J Schatz Studio Egg Bird House
Credit: Courtesy of J Schatz

Most Compact

Perfect for attracting chickadees, wrens, and other smaller birds, this glossy stoneware birdhouse is compact in its design. It comes with aluminum hardware, a removable bottom for cleaning, and air vents to supply the house with free-flowing air. Choose one of four colors—light aqua, sumac red, goldenrod yellow, and bright white—or customize one made to order.

Shop Now: J Schatz Studio Egg Bird House, $225,

Bunny Williams Birdhouse
Credit: Courtesy of Ballard Designs

Most Roomy

Advertised as the perfect option for hosting a purple martin colony in your backyard, this package includes a 16-room barn, an aluminum pole and ground socket to lock it into place, and two purple martin decoys to lure the birds in. It also comes with the Stokes Purple Martin Book, a reference guide with advice on how to care for these social birds.

Shop Now: Bunny Williams Birdhouse, $99,

MoMA Design Store Wildlife Garden Birdhouse and Feeder
Credit: Courtesy of MoMA Design

Best Designed

This gorgeous birdhouse not only rocks the vintage elegance look, but it also gives you six different birdhouses to choose from that are all spacious and equally attractive. Each option is crafted with antique copper, and comes with a large stake to keep the birdhouse firmly in the ground. They can fit at least four birds, and have charming little design details like fences, leaves, and even little copper birds to entice the real ones to come along.

Shop Now: MoMA Design Store Wildlife Garden Birdhouse and Feeder, $75,

Window Nest Box
Credit: Courtesy of Gardeners

Best for Viewing

If you want to watch the action unfold, this Window Nest Box allows you to view the birds while they build nests and raise babies. The white pine is weather-resistant, and the suction cups allow easy attachment to windows. Only caution: The birds will be able to see you, so consider placing on a less-frequented window so they won't scare away.

Shop Now: Window Nest Box, $35,

Whitehorse Premium Cedar House
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Most Weatherproof

This durable cedar birdhouse is great for all regions and climates. With vent holes cut to keep rainwater out, a double roof to reduce overheating, and a recessed floor to keep the nest dry, it has every luxury your feathered friends could want. There are two floor sizes, which vary depending on the region you live in—for example, Western bluebirds prefer a 22 squares in floor, whereas Eastern bluebirds prefer 15 square inches. It's easy to install, long-lasting, and based on customer reviews, five-star worthy.

Shop Now: Whitehorse Premium Cedar House, $50,