Kate Middleton and Prince William Recreated Their Engagement Photo to Mark 10 Years of Marriage

The royal couple, who wed at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011, also shared a family video to express their thanks for the outpouring of well-wishes from fans around the world.

Today officially marks 10 years since Kate Middleton and Prince William walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey during their highly anticipated, televised royal wedding on April 29, 2011. To celebrate this milestone anniversary with the public, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared two photos to their Kensington Royal Instagram account. The pair is all smiles in both photos, as Kate hugs and rests her head on Prince William in one portrait (which mirrors their 2010 engagement photo); the couple holds hands in the other. They also expressed their gratitude for the sweet anniversary messages from supporters around the world with a family video, which featured their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

This day in 2011 undoubtedly meant the world to the couple; they became husband and wife after beginning their whirlwind romance at the University of St. Andrews a decade prior. But their guests and vendors alike are also reflecting on their own cherished memories from celebration. "He made a lovely little remark about me," Claire Jones, a harpist at the Buckingham Palace afternoon reception, told People. "The first thing he said to me was, 'Did you hear what I said in my speech?' I said I did, but I asked him to remind me because I hadn't heard it all. He lightheartedly joked, 'Thank goodness Claire turned up to play the harp because otherwise, we'd have to get my brother [Prince Harry] to play it instead." She added, "He was very accommodating and warm. I wished them well, and I said I hoped they would have a happy and joyful life together."

Over the years, Kate and Prince William have also kept in touch with those who made their nuptials possible. According to Us Weekly, the duchess has continued to write to their wedding cake designer, Fiona Cairns, who crafted the couple's eight-tiered fruit cake with cream and white icing alongside her team of 75 bakers. "We were very fortunate to be at the wedding that afternoon," the baker exclusively told the outlet. "I received a phone call on my mobile to say that the couple had said the cake was beyond their expectations. That was not from the couple; that was actually from somebody within Buckingham Palace who had had a conversation. And then after that, I [have] spoken to Kate a couple of times and received letters, and yeah, the cake was a success."

Even with widespread coverage of the nuptials, Cairns noted that the wedding still had an intimate feel since the couple prioritized special details, their cake, included, to make the day their own. "It was the most spectacular, wonderful occasion," Cairns shared with the outlet. "The atmosphere within the Abbey was quite extraordinary. It was, it was. There was a buzz of excitement, and it was a very, very special occasion. It was majestic and it was a huge historical occasion, but it also felt—I think it was because of the way it was interpreting the couple's personal ideas—quite sort of intimate, as well."

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