Treat Dad to This Special Father's Day Dinner Menu—It's Delicious and Easy on the Cook

Your father will love that you made this special meal just for him.

What better way to celebrate the father in your life than with a totally delicious Father's Day dinner? With a menu that's easy to put together, of course! Most dads prefer a casual, low stress gathering, and that's good news for the cook. A meal that's simple to prepare means you have more time to spend with Dad on his special day; to help ensure this happens, we've put together a menu of simple yet impressive dishes—including a signature drink—that fosters the shared experience of dining together and satisfies even the hungriest amongst us.

With the exception of the entrée, each recipe included in our menu uses fewer than eight ingredients. The main course, a low-country inspired shrimp boil, is well worth the additional elements it requires, especially since it's made in the Instant Pot which saves you time and is easy to clean up. Don't have a multicooker? This dish is also pretty easy to make on the stovetop and we've included a variation for that method to make sure everyone is covered. Bookend the main with two tasty skillet dishes: First, a cheesy appetizer that everyone can dig into and a sweet treat made with Dad's favorite fruit.

spicy queso fundido
Pernille Loof

Queso Fundido

For a hearty, irresistible start to the meal, you can't go wrong with Queso Fundido. This appetizer, pictured above, ensures no one sits down to dinner absolutely starving, and it just takes 10 minutes to cook up. Cheesy with a hint of pepperiness and spice from poblano and serrano peppers, this dip takes on a bold assertive flavor from a touch of goat cheese that's melded with milder mozzarella. Serve it hot, directly from the skillet, along with plenty of tortilla chips and it's sure to be a hit. If you want to take a lighter approach, we also like to serve it with crudités. Whatever you do, don't forget to put a towel or hot pad over the skillet handle to signify that it is hot.

lemon mezcal margarita
Bryan Gardner

Lemon Mezcal Margarita

Mix dad a special drink to savor before dinner, with the appetizer, or with the entrée—or maybe even all three. This Lemon Mezcal Margarita swaps out the usual tequila for a smokier agave-based spirit, mezcal, and using lemon rather than lime create a sunnier sip that accents the smokiness of the sausage and bay seasoning in the shrimp boil.

Rim each glass with salt and pepper to break up the drink with unexpected bite. This one is for the adults, but we also recommend serving big, bright glasses of lemonade for the children or anyone who doesn't want to imbibe.

Instant Pot Shrimp Boil
Julia Gartland

Instant Pot Shrimp Boil

Lots of Father's Day dinner menus lean on the grill, and while there's nothing wrong with a juicy burger or a perfectly-grilled steak, we like the idea of treating Dad to something different than what he'd usually make. Try this Instant Pot Shrimp Boil, which is an interactive meal packed with shrimp, sausage, potatoes, and sweet corn. It comes together fast and in one pot; once it's done, spoon it into a large bowl and serve it family style from the center of the table or take it outside to eat if the weather is good. Either way, everyone can help themselves and eat to their heart's delight.

While we love the ease of using a multicooker, know that Shrimp Boil works well in a regular pot on the stove if you haven't acquired an Instant Pot yet.

Christina Holmes

Fruit Skillet Cake

For an uncomplicated dessert that is totally delicious, try this Fruit Skillet Cake that comes together fast and is customizable; be sure to use Dad's favorite summer fruit. It's delicious with cherries, plums, or peaches. Rustic and uncomplicated, this dessert is served directly from the skillet, with scoops of vanilla or pretty much whatever flavor of ice cream he prefers. This cozy shared dessert ends this easy Father's Day dinner by further showing the joy of sharing a meal together.

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