She takes us step by step, from tucking in top sheets to carefully arranging throw pillows.

Before you followed Martha on Instagram, you looked forward to learning from her on the air—and you still can. The Best of the Martha Show takes you right back into our founder's studio to rediscover her most timeless homekeeping tips and Good Things, galore.

According to Martha, the focal point of any bedroom is the bed, which is why she takes extra when making hers. A beautifully made-up bed, however, shouldn't be your only overarching goal—its elements, including pillows and linen, should be high quality to ensure comfort, as well as aesthetics. Here, in a vintage clip from one of her on-air segments, Martha shows us how to both curate and make the perfect bed. Consider it an essential Good Thing you will reference time and again.

Source bedding you love.

Some of Martha's favorite sheets and comforters were inspired by vintage linens. "Mom gave me the task of organizing her linen closet one day when I was a younger child and I discovered, stuffed way in the back, beautifully embroidered hand towels, pillow slips with satin stitch needle work, and colorful crocheted hems," she says, adding that she believes that these pieces were part of her grandmother's dowry. Those antique items were the driving inspiration source behind the bedding she collects for her home; they even inspired one of Martha's favorite bedding ensembles for Macy's, aptly name "Trousseau."

Create a layered look.

Making up a beautiful, stylish, and comfortable bed is simple, explains Martha. "Always start with a really good quality mattress and box spring," she explains. "Then use a reversible mattress pad, which protects your mattress from any spill or stains." In addition to protecting the mattress, a good pad will add a layer of softness and comfort. Next, she advises hiding your box spring with a bed skirt, which should have split corners (to avoid bunching) and hang at the proper length—not so high that it leaves a large gap above the floor, but not so low that it drags.

Prioritize comfort.

Adding a feather bed topper (this is her ultimate secret to creating a comfortable bed, she says) is next. "It's sort of like a quilt filled with feathers," she explains. A feather topper can add both warmth and coziness when placed on top of the mattress. To keep your feathers evenly distributed, Martha recommends giving it a good shake once per month.

Make it beautiful.

The fitted sheet goes on top of the feather topper, continues our founder; select a linen with an extra-deep pocket, so you can pull the sheet all the way down and under the mattress so that it lies flat (and stays put!) once it's on. Once that's done, you're ready for the top sheet. "You have to put the beautiful top sheet with all of the beautiful embroideries on on reverse," she says. You will fold the top down, revealing its intricacies at the top. As for how to tuck in your top sheet? "Here, you want to put as little at the base of the bed as possible," Martha offers, noting to avoid tucking the flat sheet in at the bottom of your mattress, in favor of tucking it around the sides. This will allow you to give your top sheet a heavy fold, exposing more of the intricate designs when it is folded over any additional comforters, duvets, or blankets you layer onto it. With that final tuck, a careful positioning of your shams, and a few throw pillows, and you're set—you have a Martha-approved bed, just like that.

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Martha Stewart Member
June 21, 2021
Love the brand MS has created through the years. At the core of the brand is an incredible attention to detail. As a subscriber I have noticed that nearly every post has some sort of editorial error. In my opinion those errors are not representative of MS and are damaging to the brand. In this article for example the first sentence is missing a word: “According to Martha, the focal point of any bedroom is the bed, which is why she takes extra (insert maybe the word care/effort here) when making hers”. Looking forward to editorial worthy of the MS brand.