The 4 Best Restaurant-Quality Organizers and Cooking Essentials for Your Home Kitchen

These expert picks are smart, sturdy, and well designed. Plus, every item will tuck neatly away into your pantry.

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Commercial restaurant kitchen
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Recipes aren't the only things top chefs keep under wraps. They also keep quiet about their smart storage solutions. What professional kitchen could function if it didn't have everything organized just so and in bulk? The secret sources that chefs rely on are local restaurant-supply stores and websites like and; if you've never shopped one (in person or online), you'll find they are full of smart, sturdy, and well-designed items built to last. These comprehensive sources sell everything from faucets to dinnerware and plenty of the items translate to home use.

Food stylist and recipe developer Jason Schreiber, author of Fruit Cake ($29.90, says "Not only are commercial tools built to last, but they are almost always dishwasher safe and lightweight."

On today's menu? Our top four finds from pro kitchens that are worth having in your home. Once you fall for these no-nonsense, hard-wearing products, be sure to explore the world of restaurant supply some more as there plenty of other gems to be found.

Best Restaurant Supply-Store Picks

Square Storage Containers

sturdy cambro stackable food storage containers
Ryan Liebe

These solid, restaurant-grade plastic containers with snap-on covers stack neatly, and save space. Schreiber likes Lexan or Cambro brand storage bins to keep dry goods fresh. Plus, he says, square containers allow 33 percent more storage than typical round containers, and what kitchen couldn't use that? They also let you know exactly how much brown rice, lentils, or sugar you have left and are available in sizes from two up to 22 quarts.

Stainless Steel Pitcher

winco stainless steel pitcher
Ryan Liebe

For a stylish yet utilitarian addition to your table, try Winco's inexpensive stainless steel pitchers. The large ones have a guard to prevent ice splashing and are just right for water or iced tea. The smaller sizes are perfect for milk or cream.

Cutlery Box

stainless steel cutlery box
Ryan Liebe

Each section of this stainless steel cutlery box has a rounded bottom, designed to make for fast access during table-setting. It will not only keep your silverware sorted, it's also handy for organizing rolls of ribbon and pencils.

Rolling Bin

bakers mark rolling bin
Ryan Liebe

Martha uses industrial-size flour containers like this Baker's Mark rolling bin for her recyclables; we love it for bulk buys like dog food, too.

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