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Our Guide to Cookie Scoop Sizes Will Help You Achieve Perfectly Proportioned Results Every Time

Scoop cookie dough, ice cream, cupcake batter, and more with this kitchen essential.
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Cookies are one of life's simple and sweet pleasures. With so many recipes to choose from—ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookie to a perfectly decorated sugar cookie—there's one tool that can help you achieve a round cookie every time no matter the recipe: the cookie scoop. But we're about to let you in on a little secret. The cookie scoop is an essential tool that can come in handy no matter what type of treat you're baking. That's right: It's definitely not just for cookies. Here, we're giving you the ultimate guide to cookie scoop sizes and expert tips for getting the best scoop of dough every time.

"To get the perfect cookies at home, the scoop you should use depends on a number of factors including the type of cookie you're making as well as how you fill and press the dough," says Lauren Sella, CMO of Tate's Bake Shop. Generally, Sella recommends using a small cookie scoop that can hold two tablespoons of dough ($14.99, for cookies that spread. Use a 1/4-cup cookie scoop for large, soft cookies. If you only have one 1/4 cup scoop, you can scoop your cookies and then divide the dough in half with your hands to ensure even sizing and vice versa.

Of course, it's not just about the size of the cookie scoop. Your technique for releasing the dough or batter matters, too. "For a nice round scoop, use the opposite hand to press and slide the excess dough away from the cookie scoop, which produces the best and most consistent raw cookie puck," says Harris Cohen, owner of King Street Cookies. Cohen says, however, that this does not guarantee the look of the finished baked cookie. The final result depends on the number of inclusions and air pockets in the cookie dough. "Dipping your scoop in some water and scooping makes things go faster because the dough falls out easily. This doesn't have to be done every dip, but when the dough starts to stick, give it a quick dip," says Sella. To ensure even baking, Cohen recommends rotating the cookie tray on an oven rack halfway through its time in the oven. Before baking your next batch of chocolate chip cookie dough or cupcake batter, shop our guide to every cookie scoop size.

Martha Stewart Collection Small Cookie Scoop
Credit: Courtesy of Macy's

Small Cookie Scoop

Our founder created the ultimate stainless steel small cookie scoop for Macy's. This one features non-slip grips, a sharper leaver for a clean release, and more comfortable handles. It was practically made to go along with one of her most popular cookie recipes.

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OXO Cookie Scoop Set
Credit: Courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Small and Medium Cookie Scoop Set

Make small- and medium-sized cookies with this two-piece set from OXO. Each scoop features ergonomic, super comfortable handles that make it a breeze to release cookie after cookie onto a sheet tray. The small scoop can hold two teaspoons of dough and the medium scoop can hold one-and-a-half tablespoons of dough.

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OXO Large Cookie Scoop
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Large Cookie Scoop

This scoop is not only ideal for scooping dough for your largest peanut butter cookies ever—it's also the perfect tool for scooping ice cream or portioning out batter for muffins or cupcakes. It features the same ergonomic, spring-loaded handled as other OXO cookie scoops for easy use.

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Sur La Table Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

All-Purpose Scoop

Of course, you can scoop giant oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies with this large ice cream scoop, but experts also recommend using it for ice cream, measuring buttercream, or even portioning savory sliders, too.

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Three-Piece Cookie Scoop Set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Three-Piece Cookie Scoop Set

The reviews are in and this three-piece cookie scoop set is Amazon's choice, as well as the top pick of nearly 4,500 users. And for good reason—this set includes small, medium, and large cookie scoops, which are made from 18/8 stainless steel, which is super durable and dishwasher-safe. Plus, the entire set rings in at less than $15.

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