Four Expert-Approved Tips for Finding Your Signature Everyday Makeup Look

Experts break down how to find your go-to look.

There's something special about curating your signature makeup look. It's fail-proof and your go-to—no matter what you're wearing or what the occasion is, it always works. But how, exactly, should you go about creating one? First and foremost, don't get overwhelmed. Applying makeup should be a fun process, which is why we're here to give you the tools you need to establish the ultimate game plan. Ahead, we tapped several trusted makeup artists and experts for their best advice on culling a signature, everyday makeup look that will leave you feeling confident and strong. Read their tips below.

Make it personal.

There is no one-size-fits all daily makeup look: Your aesthetic should be personal to you. "A signature makeup look is your way of wearing makeup, which becomes routine and specific to you," says makeup artist and co-founder of CTZN Cosmetics Naseeha Khan. "It's your way of expressing yourself. It's your go-to method because it works for you and you— hopefully—feel your best in it." Celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern agrees. "Your signature look should, first and foremost, make you feel like a million bucks," Stern says. "It should be something you feel good doing, application-wise. If it's a modern cat-eye or choosing to wear a bright lip color every day, do it with grace and confidence."

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Match your look to your lifestyle.

Your signature look should also seamlessly fit into your everyday routine, says celebrity makeup artist Kindra Mann: "If you are someone who has a lot of time in the morning or needs to put on a full face of makeup, your signature look is going to be a little more involved than someone who has less time." Mann suggests picking two or three features you want to accentuate and selecting core beauty products that will help you enhance them. Stern, on the other hand, likes to organize her makeup by looks; she says she has one bag dedicated to eye-centric styles, one to lips, and another to the rest of the face. "This way you have all your looks organized. It makes it easy to decide if it's an eye day, lip day, or a combination of the two," she says.

Experiment with different methods.

It all comes down to trial and error. Khan says the best way to find a signature look is to test different options until you discover one that resonates with you. "Don't get too much into your own head," she says. "Be bold and try something even if you're unsure if it will suit you. You never know what you'll end up loving." Instagram and YouTube have great source material to get you started, notes Khan, who recommends following different makeup blogs and experts who can walk you through different looks, techniques, products, and trends. On Instagram, she suggests using the "save" feature to save the styles you like so that you can return to them later. Watching tutorials via professional makeup artists—who know how to apply different products the right way—will also help you master your everyday look faster.

Have fun.

"Have fun with it," says Neil Scibelli, a New York City-based makeup artist and beauty expert. "Makeup is just an extension and expression of who we are. It's okay to try things out, take some photos, and see how it wears." Mann agrees, and notes not to overthink it. "The best way to create a signature makeup look is to think about what it is you want to accentuate about your natural beauty and then play around and see what makes you feel best," she says. "That's the fun part about makeup: You can always just remove it and start over."

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