Alison Brie and Dave Franco Have Completely Embraced This Marriage "Cliché" During the Pandemic

The actress also opened up about working with her husband on several professional projects.

Alison Brie and Dave Franco
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Due to months of travel and dining restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples—stuck at home—found out more about their relationships than they ever had before. As for actress Alison Brie, she came to the conclusion that there is one part of her marriage to husband Dave Franco that is officially irrefutable: "The cliché of people being like, 'My husband is my best friend,'" she explained E! News. "I hate saying that, but I did feel like a number of times [I would turn to him and think], 'You are my best friend!' He is the person that I like spending the most time with. Our hobbies and everything are so aligned and I found, even during the year in hibernation, we ebbed and flowed in the same way."

They find this synergy when they work together professionally, as well; Brie and Franco recently collaborated on the movie The Rental, which debuted last July, along with other projects during quarantine. These drew them even closer together during stay-at-home orders. "Whatever nervousness we may have had about it, it just couldn't have gone better," she said of co-shooting the film. "I can't stress enough what a wonderful experience it was for both of us and our relationship to kind of be able to connect in a different way, artistically, and really feel like a team on set together. I wasn't a producer on the movie, but I definitely felt like his partner on set."

Creating The Rental, which Brie starred in and Franco directed, was more than just professionally fulfilling, she continued. It was "a dream for me to be directed by a person that I trust more than anyone in the world," she shared. "And honestly, it was really fun to see him come into his own in a new way as a director and be so good at it—I guess it was so fun to watch the person that I love excel at a skill that I didn't know they had."

While the married couple of four years has acted alongside each other in movies before, Brie said it was special to watch her partner interact with an entire cast and crew. "I've always known that he's one of the kindest people. He treats everybody with respect," she said. "So it was fun to get to watch other people meet him and experience working with him for the first time." She added: "It was a fun treat to be like, 'Yeah, I married him. I know what's up.'" And now that they've been able to spend even more time with each other at home over the last few months, Brie is truly relishing the little things. "It was more like a deep appreciation for how similar we are as people and how much we love spending time together," she said. "I think we're still in awe how well our year in quarantine together went."

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