Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Showcase the Beauty of Restraint


Taking a minimalist approach to decorating your home is predicated on selecting the pieces, details, and textures you need to drive the desired aesthetic, then eliminating or removing everything else that can be considered excess. Beyond muted color palettes and contemporary accents, it is this deeply streamlined mindset that truly informs this design style, which is entirely about restraint and embracing the beauty of less—not more.

There's no better place to apply this only-what-you-need decorating method than in your bedroom, where you go to relax, reset, and unwind after a long day. Consider this space a metaphor for your brain at the end of a frenzied 24 hours: Declutter it, and peace (and sleep!) will surely follow. Luckily, minimalism isn't one size fits all. Do you love color? Texture? Organic textiles? All can be integrated into your minimalist bedroom, so long as they contribute to the calm ethos of the interior.

Ultimately, it is this unique concept that makes a minimalist bedroom so achievable. Chances are, with a few subtle tweaks, you can transition your existing suite into a pared-down oasis, no major overhaul necessary. As you're about to discover on the slides ahead, this can be as simple as removing a rug or swapping vibrant, patterned bedding for a balanced white or cream set. Looking to invest in some new furniture? Consider earth-derived materials, like cool concrete. Shopping for a new fixture? Aim for something woven or jute. Keep reading for more simple ways to curate a minimalist bedroom, courtesy of interior designers. And remember—less is always more.

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Tonal Texture

rob diaz home tour bedroom with natural light
Courtesy of Todd Goodman of LA Light Photo

Textural details and a few strategically placed pops of color make any minimalist suite—this one was curated by interior designer Rob Diaz—feel sleek and contemporary. Matte black sconces, rounded end tables, jute window treatments, a gray headboard, and a cream fluted clay wall set the tone in this space; a peach throw and warm, but still-neutral rug complete the look.

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Limited Palette

neutral bedroom with blue lamps and decorative pillow

Looking to achieve a minimalist space, but don't want to shy away from color entirely? Turn to bold, but muted shades like peach and navy, like interior designer Crystal Sinclair did here in this Greenwich Village apartment. Deep, dark blue lamp bases and a central pillow subtly enhance the black-and-white centric palette, as does an abstract blush-hued piece of art.

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master bedroom with print of birds nest hanging above bed
Haris Kenjar

A seamless way to make a space feel more pared down? Remove the rug. That's what Ore Studios' principal designer Andy Beers did in this main bedroom; instead of breaking up a myriad of balanced creams and wood tones with a floor covering, he allowed the light-hued paneling to anchor the room. A simple piece of art finalized the clean aesthetic.

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Coastal Cool

airy master bedroom club chair four-poster bed
William Abranowicz

You can absolutely meld your minimalist mindset with your love for coastal flair. In this Florida home, curated by interior designer Betsy Brown, the main bedroom feels artfully restrained—note the limited color color palette and simple, linen-covered furnishings—but cognizant of the locale, thanks to an oar, tropical greenery sprig, and shell-inspired bowl placed on the console.

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Jute and Linen

cozy decorated bedroom
Kelly Brown

Introduce nature-derived textiles and materials to drive your minimalist bedroom's style. Homeowners Kelly Brown and Bryce Ehrecke texturized the walls in their desert suite with earthen plaster to soften them; a linen curtain backdrop, shag pillows, cotton duvet, and woven basket light fixture feel organic and cohesive. The jute rug, ceramic plant pot, and cement, sand, and rock nightstand feel like natural extensions of the white-washed floor.

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Gray and Cream

Bedroom in light neutral color palette
Lauren Miller

A quick search for minimalist, contemporary bedroom ideas will yield an ocean of black-and-white details. Consider, instead, earthy alternatives, like charcoal gray and off-white; decorate sparingly within these hues, as Ashley Montgomery did here in this space. Beyond the white cotton bedspread, the remaining details—from the light-hued, gold-accented nightstands, dotted rug, and throw—are cream. The modern lamps and pillow trio offer a depth.

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Blended Headboard

moulding headboard
Aaron Dyer

Paint your headboard the same color as your bedroom walls to up its cool factor—and its minimalism level. Doing so limits the degree of separation from bed to wall, further streamlining the space's details.

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Artful Restraint

padded headboard in a bedroom

Alternatively, make your headboard your suite's focal point by reupholstering it in a visually dynamic, but still muted fabric (the abstract print seen here was sourced from Designers Guild). Then, keep the rest of your décor as neutral as possible to perpetuate the clean, organic vibe (note the cocoa sconce, simple bedding, and streamlined nightstand).

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Geo and Yellow


Here's another suite that proves this aesthetic can be achieved with the inclusion—not exclusion!—of color. A modern, bright yellow reading lamp pops against an otherwise gray backdrop; the colorway is subtly reinforced by the neon hues in the painting placed above the bed. Geometric square nesting tables stand in as a nightstand.

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Black Walls

bedroomcolor-2-0115.jpg (skyword:220604)

Many contemporary, pared back bedrooms begin with a white-walled foundation and are then layered with a myriad of neutral objects, textiles, and furniture pieces. Consider taking an inverse approach: Paint the walls an inky, stormy black and carve out some negative space with a modern piece of mostly-white art. A unique sconce, simple linens, and neutral wall finishings will complete the scene.

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