Cire Trudon Marie Antoinette Bust

12 Artfully Carved Candles That Double as Décor Objects

Think beyond the jar.
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An artfully designed, decorative candle can provide more than a source of ambient lighting—it can create visual interest in a tablescape, too. "A candle is the perfect object to be a centerpiece on the table," says designer and wax artist Lex Pott. Thought candles are small, the right one can really brighten up any area of your home. "They give off cozy and intimate light and help create good memories," Pott adds.

Of course, the more interesting a candle looks, the greater impact it makes in a space. "My personal favorite is to mix a neon colored candle with a natural one, such as royal vanilla," says Sonia Marcinek, founder of NÉOS Candlestudio. "It is such a statement piece." In the market for a candle that moonlights as an eye-catching art object? From sculptural styles to color-blocked iterations and more, here are a dozen decorative candles that are anything but ordinary.

Top Picks

NÉOS Candlestudio Artemis Bust Candle
Credit: Courtesy of Wolf and Badger

Mythical Bust

Handmade from natural soy wax, this commanding bust candle by NÉOS Candlestudio pays homage to Artemis, the Greek goddess of hunting, wild nature, and chastity. "We carefully hand pour our wax into the mold and polish the candles to ensure all details are sharp," says founder Sonia Marcinek. "The only thing we leave up to you is, 'To light or not to light?' That is the question!"

Shop Now: NÉOS Candlestudio Artemis Bust Candle in Orange, $80,

Lex Pott Spiral Twist Candles
Credit: Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Curly Candle

The only thing better than a unique-looking taper candle is one that doesn't require a holder. Designed by Lex Pott, this bending and twisting candle combines form, function, and fun. "I always ask myself 'What would my dream candle look like on my table?'" Pott says. "I think personal interest is crucial when designing."

Shop Now: Lex Pott Spiral Twist Candles, $40,

Wren Pillar Candle
Credit: Courtesy of Lulu and Georgia

Architectural Marvel

A cool blue pillar candle with sloped lines can add a structural element to any size or style of space. Hand-poured from North American beeswax, this architectural option can burn for up to 50 hours.

Shop Now: Lulu & Georgia "Wren" Pillar Candle in Blue, $32,

White Ball Candles
Credit: Courtesy of Crate and Barrel


For a modern décor accent with clean, sleek curves, considered a spherical candle. This pair of white ball-shaped candles is composed of unscented paraffin wax and clean-burning cotton wicks.

Shop Now: Crate & Barrel White Ball Candles, $12.95 for two,

YuiBrooklyn Squiggle Candle
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Zigzag Candle

This neutral, squiggly candle can punch up a shelf without overpowering the décor scheme; better yet, it's made-to-order, composed of natural soy wax, and is available in over 25 different scents.

Shop Now: Yui Brooklyn Squiggle Candle, $12,

Ontwerpduo Depp Ochre Tallow Candle
Credit: Courtesy of Garmentory

Form Meets Function

A candlestick with a built-in holder and handle is every bit as practical as it is fun to look at. Composed entirely of paraffin wax, this charming piece is designed with an antique-inspired tray and finger loop for added functionality.

Shop Now: Ontwerpduo Depp Ochre Tallow Candle in Orange, $45,

MadeByLindsayD Bendy Twist Candles
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy

Twisty Taper

Looking for a sophisticated way to bring a little drama to a fireplace mantel or floating shelf? Formed and bent by hand, this twisty taper is made-to-order in any shape or color you choose.

Shop Now: MadeByLindsayD Bendy Twist Candles, $14,

Talbot & Yoon Goober Candle El
Credit: Courtesy of Burke Decor

Not-So Blah Blob

Inspired by the blobby forms of retro Disney animations, the "Goober" candle by Talbot & Yoon has already earned a serious cult following. "Early Disney animators had the ability to make objects, like sacks of flour and pillows, appear to have full emotional lives by using a technique called 'Squash and Stretch,'" Mark Talbot of Talbot & Yoon explains.

Shop Now: Talbot & Yoon "Goober" Candle El in Purple, $24,

Lex Pott for HAY Pillar Candle
Credit: Courtesy of HAY

Color-Blocked Candle

A multicolored candle is a clever way to integrate a pop of personality into your décor. Designed exclusively for HAY, Pott toyed with different cylindrical forms in bold color combinations to create this sculptural pillar candle. "I like exploring and experimenting with different shapes and materials," Pott explains.

Shop Now: Lex Pott for HAY Pillar Candle in Blue, $50,

Cire Trudon Marie Antoinette Bust
Credit: Courtesy of Forward

Grand Bust

Inspired by the bust of a controversial historical figure, this piece is sure to spark conversation at a dinner table. The unscented candle was designed to look like Marie Antoinette, the famous but ill-fated former Queen of France; it looks more like a marble sculpture than wax.

Shop Now: Cire Trudon Marie Antoinette Bust, $160,

Coop Cube Candle
Credit: Courtesy of Shop Coopla

Free Form

A shapely candle with a textured finish can bring depth and dimension to a tabletop setup. Composed of 100-percent organic soy wax, this free form-style cube candle burns for 60 hours.

Shop Now: Coop Cube Candle in Core, $42,

54Celsius Victory Hand Gesture Candle
Credit: Courtesy of Faire

Good Gesture

Crafted from paraffin wax with a cotton wick, the peace sign-inspired candle will bring a touch of boho flair to any and every corner.

Shop Now: 54Celsius "Victory" Hand Gesture Candle, $40,