12 Cat Breeds That Are Perfect for People Who Love Dogs

white ragdoll cat in a bed of pink flowers
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What's not to love about dogs? They're loyal, openly affectionate as they jump and wag their tails, and will cuddle with their humans. But if you're considering adopting a cat, despite the fact that you consider yourself a "dog person," you might be pleased to know that there are feline breeds known for their puppy-like behavior.

If you're a lifelong dog owner but a prospective cat owner, look for some key characteristics: temperament, activity level and intelligence, and vocalness. The Manx cat, for example, enjoys a game of fetch and will bury its toys. The Ocicat can be trained on a leash and love going out on walks. And the Turkish Van loves the water, earning the breed the nickname "the Swimming Cat." When you invite one of these cats into your home, it's important to remember that it's still an animal with specific needs—depending on the breed, your feline companion may enjoy a leashed walk or several rounds of play to satisfy their hunting instincts.

Cats communicate in ways that are unique to them and very differently from dogs. It isn't to say that cats are not affectionate; they simply show their affection in quiet ways—like brushing against your legs, curling up in your lap, or purring. Some of the cat breeds showcased here are more likely to vocalize their needs to get your attention by meowing, yowling, chirping and trilling. And while all cats have somewhat of an independent streak, these breeds in particular are likely to act as your little shadow.

For those who love dogs and their attitude, these cat breeds may be your best match. Ahead, a selection of cat breeds that are ideal for dog people.

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Abyssinian cat on staircase
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These regal beauties known as Abyssinians are natural explorers that like to socialize and follow their people around the house. Because they observe the world from a high vantage point, establishing multi-level cat shelving or scratching posts make them feel at home. Oftentimes, they will converse with you in soft, pleasant chirps.

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American Curl

american curl cat
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The American Curl cat earns its name from its signature trait: curled-back ears. These felines have high activity levels and show lots of affection, making them an ideal family pet. They're great with kids and other pets, too.

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Bengal cat
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Descended from domestic cats, the Egyptian Mau, and Asian leopard cats, the Bengal makes a playful pet. Although wild in looks—for their boldly spotted and marbled coats—they're gregarious, can be taught tricks, and will join you in a leashed walk outdoors.

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Devon Rex

Curious Devon Rex Kitten Standing on Window Sill
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Devon Rex cats are known for their impish faces, pointed ears, and slender build. In personality, they're very playful—even hyper—and enjoy learning new games like fetch. These cats are also very affectionate and want to be wherever you are.

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Maine Coon

Maine Coon Kitten Sitting On Sofa
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Known for being the largest of house cats, the Maine Coon loves to act as your companion. If you're not intimidated by size (Maine Coons grow to be up to 40 inches in length) or shedding (their coats should to be groomed regularly), then this majestic cat will be protective of your family.

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Manx cat
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The tail-less Manx cats are renowned hunters, having been owned historically for chasing small prey like rodents off of their home farms and ships at sea. These cats will play a game of fetch with you and can be trained to understand vocal commands.

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ocicat cats
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While Ocicats resemble their more wild cousins, they are indeed domestic cats that love to be around their humans. You can also leash train them and take them out on walks and trips. They'll love exploring the outdoors by your side.

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Long hair domestic Ragdoll cat -
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If you love a lap dog, Ragdolls are your perfect match. They're most likely to greet you at the door when you come home from home. These cats also enjoy cuddle sessions and play time.

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Savannah Cat Sitting on a Bed
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Athletic and imposing, Savannah cats are a hybrid, the result of breeding a Siamese cat with the wild Serval cat of Africa. Always up for a challenge, your Savannah is more likely to wade in a pool, climb to new heights (they can leap up to eight feet in height), or prowl the house than cuddle.

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Sphynx cat
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Sphynx cats can be trained to do tricks and enjoy the spectacle of attention on them. These cats are smart, energetic, and loving.

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siamese cat
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Siamese cats are highly trainable but you'll still have to make them think that the training is their idea. People enjoy these cats as companions because of their talkative nature, too.

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Turkish Van

Turkish Van
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The Turkish Van is another large-sized feline. They fetch naturally and will often bring balls to their human companions to initiate a game, and they will walk on a leash and harness. Plus, their propensity to swim even earned them the nickname the "Swimming Cat."

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