It's her special day, so treat Mom to a gorgeous spread. We love that these sweet and savory bites are easy to make but look so impressive!
sweet and savory tea sandwiches
Credit: Ryan Liebe

Celebrate Mother's Day with a spread that sends her over the you-know-what. These sweet and savory tea sandwiches taste as vibrant as they look, and are so easy to assemble that kids of all ages can sous-chef. To prep a Roy G. Biv array of fruits and vegetables, from red strawberries to golden or violet beets and the shades in between, start by sourcing your ingredients. Any produce is fair game except for those that are very firm, like apples and carrots which would sploosh out when she took a bite. Then spread fluffy sandwich bread with a mix of cream cheese and honey, or herby Boursin cheese or ricotta with a touch of lemon. Lay down the fillings, use a serrated knife to slice the sandwiches into neat rectangles or slim triangles, and cut off the crusts (just like Mom used to do for you).

Prep the Sweet Sandwiches

Mix three ounces softened cream cheese with one tablespoon honey. Slice or halve 3/4 cup fresh fruit, such as strawberries or blackberries.

Then Prep the Savory Sandwiches

Let ½ cup Boursin come to room temperature. Prep 3/4 cup sliced vegetables, like avocados, cucumbers, cooked red and golden beets, and sprouts.

Stack Them

Spread four slices of sandwich bread with cream-cheese mixture. Layer half with fruit; top with remaining slices. Repeat with Boursin, vegetables, and four more pieces of bread.

And Slice

Remove crusts from sandwiches and cut each into three rectangles. Serve immediately or refrigerate, tightly covered, for up to two hours.

Recipe and food styling by Riley Wofford; prop styling by Suzie Myers.


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