Transform Your Bathroom with This Space-Saving Design Idea

Level up your organization with a shaker peg rail.

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Whether you're in need of new storage ideas for a small space or craving a change to your bathroom décor, a shaker peg rail is the perfect addition to your personal sanctuary. We've talked about our love for the versatile organization tool before. Sure, it's brilliant in an entryway and on the inside of closets, but the simple organization tool also shines in the bathroom. The wooden space-saving feature acts as an easy to reach display for your bathroom essentials. Don't have space for a vanity? No problem. The peg rail is as a catch-all for your necessities, from wet towels to baskets filled with toiletries and hair tools.

Set Up

One of the best aspects of the shaker peg rail is how simple it is to mount. We used a maple rack ($9.99,, which can be drilled into a wall, or even tile, in a matter of minutes. Plus, the beauty of using unfinished wood is that you can easily add your personal touch with a simple stain or paint to match the aesthetic of any room. If you're looking to add some warmth, we recommend leaving the wood unstained for a soothing Scandinavian design feel.

Carefully Curate

Using a peg rail means everything is on display. The key to maintaining organization is to select objects that are functional-yet-attractive, like opting for a beautiful wooden bath brush instead of one made of neon plastic. Aim for a minimalist, clean look by housing the less attractive items in visually appealing containers. For example, removing toilet paper from its plastic packaging and placing it in a pretty cloth basket makes it display-worthy.

Add a Touch of Nature

Finally, include some greenery to complete the look. Not only do plants bring a bit of the natural world indoors, but they also help to purify the air. Some varieties that do well in high humidity areas include ferns, pothos, and Martha's favorite, begonias. You could also consider plants like jasmine and aloe vera for a calming effect that also adds to your bathroom décor.

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