The Glow Pro: Rose-Marie Swift, the Founder of RMS Beauty, Outlines Her Recipe for Clean Living

The beauty expert shares her product line's origin story—and a few of her daily essentials.

portrait of rose marie swift

A big career in beauty was never part of Rose-Marie Swift's plan; she just wanted to buy a microphone for her rock band. To pay for it, she worked in burlesque clubs in Vancouver, British Columbia, painting the faces of the dancers. She learned she had a talent for it, and after filling in on a local magazine shoot, the accidental makeup artist started trotting the globe for Louis Vuitton and Victoria's Secret ad campaigns, and Vogue and W fashion features. Along the way, a series of ailments—hair and memory loss, anxiety, and insomnia—slowed her down, so she detoxed her life of potentially harmful chemicals, eating mostly raw, organic foods, and in 2005 began mixing her own natural makeup.

Models loved her formulas, and four years later she launched RMS Beauty, a clean line made from ingredients like cold- pressed, certified-organic coconut oil and adaptogenic herbs (with no preservatives). "I wanted them to be almost edible," she says of her moisturizing lip, cheek, and concealer shades; soothing oils; and luminizers that leave skin looking kissed by candlelight. Her line's packaging is as easy on the environment as the formulas are on skin. "We use glass and metal containers whenever possible, and hope to offer refillable ones soon," she shares.

To showcase her products' effects, Swift wears minimalist black and white every day, like the rock star she is. "I prefer to dress from the neck up," she says. A series of classic pieces, people, objects rule her life; her role model, for example, is "Audrey Hepburn, my fashion icon. My style goes with my makeup: classic with a hint of sophistication." Her drink of choice is a reflection of her signature traditionalism, as well. "I'm not a wine drinker, but I love a Dubonnet and soda. It's very refreshing. I heard the aperitif is a favorite of Queen Elizabeth's!" As for her go-to hobby? Collecting timeless artifacts from the past. "I have a fetish for antique mirrors. I collect ones from the late 1800s and early 1900s, and scour Alex Raskin Antiques, a shop in Savannah, for finds." Ahead, Swift shares more of her daily essentials, from the products she uses regularly to the sheets she won't live without.

Her Top Picks

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Astrology Book

book jacket of astrology for the soul
Courtesy of Amazon

"I'm fascinated by how a person's soul and personality function together."

Shop Now: Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller, $14.59,

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Crisp White Shirt

theory white fitted shirt
Courtesy of Theory

"I wear this untucked with black jeans when I want to chic myself up for an evening."

Shop Now: Theory Fitted Shirt in Good Cotton, $255,

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rms beauty lipstick tube
Courtesy of RMS Beauty

"It's a user-friendly shade with some warmth to it that complements a lot of skin tones."

Shop Now: RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick in RMS Red, $28,

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Earl Grey Tea

cup of earl grey tea

"I've never had coffee. Instead I drink this organic tea flavored with real bergamot."

Shop Now: Numi Aged Earl Grey Tea, $7.50 for 18 bags,

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pile of turmeric powder

"I also boil water and add a scoop of this, plus thin slices of ginger, a squeeze of Meyer lemon, and honey. I drink it all the time."

Shop Now: Living Tree Community Foods Turmeric, $11,

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Floral Pruners

Fiskars floral pruners
Courtesy of Fiskars

"They're sharp and strong. I use them to tame the ivy climbing up my house and my enormous jasmine bushes."

Shop Now: Fiskars Floral Pruners, $10.86,

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Glass Vase

glass flower vase

"I love to gather a huge bunch of white lilies and put them in this vase on the black piano in my living room."

Shop Now: West Elm Pure Recycled-Glass Vase, from $40,

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Go-To Jeans

AG Prima jeans in Super Black
Courtesy of AG Jeans

"The pockets are in the right place, which makes my butt look good. If they're too low, it can look saggy."

Shop Now: AG Prima Jeans in Super Black, $188,

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Salvatore Ferragamo Calfskin Gancio Continental zip-around wallet
Courtesy of Ferragamo

"It's great quality and has a lot of spaces for my cards. I can also slip my phone inside."

Shop Now: Salvatore Ferragamo Calfskin Gancio Continental Zip-Around Wallet, $530,

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aleigh Venture 2 Step Thru bicycle
Courtesy of Raleigh USA

"I put Ruby Moon, my Golddust Yorkie, in the front basket and bike around Savannah."

Shop Now: Raleigh Venture 2 Step Thru Bicycle, $700,

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Wooden Spoon

Sur La Table Traditional bamboo spoon
Courtesy of Sur La Table

"I can't cook without a wooden spoon."

Shop Now: Sur La Table Traditional Bamboo Spoon, $7,

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Cotton Briefs

BGreen organic- cotton women’s briefs
Courtesy of B Green

"They're comfortable and stay in place—no granny lines!"

Shop Now: BGreen Organic Cotton Women's Briefs, $16,

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Favorite Sheets

Boll & Branch Signature hemmed sheet set
Courtesy of Boll & Branch

"I like these organic sheets so much, I bought them for all the beds in my house."

Shop Now: Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet Set, from $188,

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Wildlight Honey Ohoopee Gold
Courtesy of Light Honey

"I discovered this at my local farmers' market. It's raw, unfiltered, and so delicious."

Shop Now: Wildlight Honey Ohoopee Gold, $20,

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Beauty Oil

RMS Beauty Beauty Oil
Courtesy of RMS Beauty

"It's a blend of jojoba oil and adaptogenic herbs like turmeric, St. John's wort, and ashwagandha that I apply to wet skin. It's very concentrated—a little goes a long way."

Shop Now: RMS Beauty Beauty Oil, $78,

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