The Prettiest Mother's Day Cards to Send in the Mail

Can't be with Mom on her honorific holiday? Put one of these sweet notes in the post.

Rifle Paper Co. Garden Party Mother's Day Card
Photo: Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

Mass vaccinations may be happening across the country, but if you still can't hug your mom come Mother's Day—or you simply live too far away to manage a visit—popping a sweet, thoughtful card into the mail is a must. While we'd argue what you write inside the card is more meaningful than its exterior (share a favorite memory from your childhood, list out the wise lessons she's taught you, or spend a moment waxing poetic about your favorite multi-hyphenate's many talents), she'll appreciate a note that is as beautiful as it is thoughtful. Ahead, you will find some of our favorite Mother's Day snail-mail cards. She'll light up when she breaks the envelope's seal, guaranteed.

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She's So Martha

Tay Ham Marther's Day Card
Courtesy of Urban General Store

If she rules the roost and somehow does it all, a Martha-centric Mother's Day card is the definition of appropriate.

Shop Now: Tay Ham "Marther's Day" Card, $5.50,

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Always Learning

Shiny Penny Studio Lining the Shelves Mother's Day Card
Courtesy of Minted

She might have read you stories when you were little and taught you life's bigger lessons over time, but you will never stop learning from Mom—we're sure of it.

Shop Now: Shiny Penny Studio "Lining the Shelves" Mother's Day Card, $6.98,

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Garden Party

Rifle Paper Co. Garden Party Mother's Day Card
Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

Perfect for your mother-in-law or a flower-loving mom, this colorful card—which has a blank interior so you can pen your own message of gratitude—is one she'll save. It's that pretty.

Shop Now: Rifle Paper Co. "Garden Party" Mother's Day Card, $5,

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Make Her Garden Grow

Marissa Kay Apothecary Seed Cards
Courtesy of Etsy

Looking for an option sans language? This seed card set hits that metaphorical note—she's never stopped nourishing you—and, once planted, turns into a lovely cutting garden. She'll think of you whenever she tends to it.

Shop Now: Marissa Kay Apothecary Seed Cards, $20 for six,

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Floral Mother

Jade Fisher Floral Mother Mother's Day Card
Courtesy of Papier

If she's colorful dresser and master gardener, she'll appreciate this cheerful note.

Shop Now: Jade Fisher "Floral Mother" Mother's Day Card, $4.95,

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Dainty Bouquet

Oblation Papers Mother's Day Bouquet Card
Courtesy of Genara

Consider this a forever-bouquet for Mom. The card's dainty blooms were 3D embossed onto its handmade paper.

Shop Now: Oblation Papers Mother's Day Bouquet Card, $8,

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Tough Cookie

Spaghetti & Meatballs Tough as a Mother Mother's Day Card
Courtesy of Urban General Store

Yes, she was (and is!) tough, and you're better for it. Let her know just that with this bright and bold card.

Shop Now: Spaghetti & Meatballs "Tough as a Mother" Mother's Day Card, $5.95,

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Salient Lessons

Spaghetti & Meatballs Wash My Hands Mother's Day Card
Courtesy of & Sundries

Her 20-second hand-washing rule has never been more appreciated than it is right now. She'll get a laugh out of this note—something she needs after such a tough season.

Shop Now: Spaghetti & Meatballs "Wash My Hands" Mother's Day Card, $6,

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Planting the Seeds

Bow & Arrow Press Gardening Mother's Day Card
Courtesy of Papier

If this is how you find her whenever you pop over for a visit, this is the note for her.

Shop Now: Bow & Arrow Press "Gardening" Mother's Day Card, $4.95,

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Mum Bouquet

Ohh Deer Mum Bouquet Greeting Card
Courtesy of Ohh Deer

Give a bunch of die-cut flowers to Mum, who deserves every flower, mimosa, and hug on her honorific holiday.

Shop Now: Ohh Deer "Mum Bouquet" Greeting Card, $4.47,

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For Nana

Kat French Design Nana Card
Courtesy of Etsy

Shopping for a Mother's Day card for your grandmother? We love this note's fun, colorful rift on her nickname.

Shop Now: Kat French Design "Nana" Card, $5,

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Best Mom in the World

Katharine Watson Bold Floral Mom Card
Courtesy of Minted

If she's a traditional lady, she'll appreciate this beautiful, but classic note.

Shop Now: Katharine Watson "Bold Floral Mom" Card, $6.98,

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