This vertical structure provides support to climbing vines, flowers, and vegetables.
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finished diy chippendale garden trellis
Courtesy of Kara Whitten

This idea comes from our friend Kara Whitten of A Kailo Chic Life. Spring is here and it's time to plant all the things. This Chippendale-inspired trellis design will give your vining plants a structure to climb while providing a unique fixture in your garden.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Begin by cutting the cedar boards into the sizes listed in the cut list.

Step 2

Make the border for your trellis using the 48- and 36-inch cuts. Use wood glue to attach one 36-inch piece between the 48-inch pieces at the top. Measure 37 1/2-inch down from the top of the 48-inch sides. Use wood glue to attach the other 36-inch piece. (Note: This should create a 36-by-36 inch square in the center of the trellis. There should be 9 inches at the bottom of the 48-inch pieces after this step that will act as the stakes that go into the ground.)

Step 3

Use the brad nailer to reinforce the joints of the frame.

Step 4

Next, start with the smallest pieces and begin to glue and nail the inner sections for each square quarter. First, glue one 7 1/2-inch piece to the 12-inch piece 4 3/4-inch from the straight end and then nail in place. Then glue the this section to the 19-inch piece 4 3/4-inch from the straight end. Repeat with the other pieces to create a total of four F-shaped sections.

Step 5

Next, you will create the X-shaped piece for the center of the trellis. Glue and attach the two 24-inch pieces to the center of the 50 3/4-inch section using the mending plate and screws.

Step 6

Glue and brad nail the F-shaped pieces to the "X" shape 4 3/4 inches from the center around each leg of the "X" shape.

process image of diy chippendale garden trellis
Step 7

Place the trellis frame around the inner section. Glue and attach each corner to the frame using the brad nailer; let dry overnight.

Step 8

Stain or paint the trellis as desired and stake it in your garden to house all your vining plants.


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