From traditional white roses to peonies and more, experts explain their hidden meanings.

Baby showers are all about celebrating new beginnings, and few things make a space feel more festive than flowers. "The beginnings of a new baby tie into the brightness of fresh blooms," says Denise Porcaro Tupper, founder of Flower Girl in New York City. "Soft, delicate petals—the representation of life and growth are all synchronous with welcoming new life."

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While the types of flowers that hosts may pick for a baby shower often depend on the season, Lisa Cokinos, founder of LC Events, says that picking the right blooms all comes down to their significance. "Sometimes a specific flower can trigger a memory, special event, or have personal meaning," she explains. "Some flowers are also used at baby showers because of what they symbolize." Curious about the meanings behind some of the most popular baby shower blooms? From traditional white roses to peonies and more, experts share their insight about five varieties ahead.

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White Roses

While red roses are commonly associated with love and romance, Violeta Carmel, founder of Violet's Florist, says that white roses are often the flower of choice at baby showers because they represent purity, innocence, and youthfulness. "White is very often a dominant color in baby shower displays as it generally represents new life and fresh beginnings," she explains. When decorating with white roses at a baby shower, Cokinos recommends arranging them with colorful flowers to create an eye-catching display. "Pairing white roses with other pastel ones, and then adding in baby's breath creates a very traditional yet sweet centerpiece," she says.



Available in soft, pretty hues ranging from pale pink to bright blue, Cokinos says hydrangeas represent gratitude, grace, and beauty. "They radiate abundance because of the lavish number of flowers and the generous round shape," she explains. "This is a beautiful choice for a newborn and symbolizes hope for the future." When arranging fresh hydrangeas, Cokinos recommends pairing them with garden or spray roses for an especially bountiful bouquet. "This will create an elegant statement centerpiece that's filled with texture," she explains.

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Peonies—which Tupper says symbolize honor, prosperity, and compassion—are ultra-popular at baby showers when they're in season. "Their pillowy petals are like a cloud or tiny pillow," she says. "It's a large, full bloom that is a crowd favorite that both mixes well in arrangements or stands well alone—and can be used for flower crowns for mamas-to-be!" While peonies are impactful enough to be styled on their own, Cokinos says they can be paired with leafier flowers to help balance out their fluffy blooms. "Traditional pairings include ranunculus, anemones, and lisianthus flowers that complement the dynamic peony," she says. "We recommend short, round arrangements with soft colors."

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Daffodils are often one of the first flowers that we see in spring, which is why they're a great pick for baby shower arrangements. "Daffodils symbolize new beginnings and a fresh season," she explains. "They can stand alone and come in a bevy of varieties, including gender-neutral tones like white, cream and yellow hues." When arranging daffodils for a baby shower bouquet, Tupper suggests mixing them with other narcissus varieties, such as jonquils or paperwhites. "No other flowers or greenery needs to be added, as mixed varieties of the same flower come together beautifully as arrangements," she says.

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Plum Blossoms

Plum blossoms, which symbolize perseverance, hope, beauty, and purity, are another good choice for baby showers. After all, Tupper says, these are popular themes when celebrating a new baby and motherhood. "When in season, the use of blooming branches is strongly encouraged," she explains. "They can be used alone or in a variety of different arrangements." However, as a rule of the thumb when arranging plum blossoms, Tupper says the longer the branch, the less need for additional flower pairings. "When you have the drama of the tall branches, not too much extra is needed elsewhere," she explains.


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