Seven Mother's Day Traditions to Start with Mom This Year

Whether you do them in-person or virtually, these tributes tell her how much she means to your family.

It's time to celebrate Mom, who's always been your best friend and biggest supporter. If you weren't able to get together with her last year because of COVID-19 precautions, this is the year to do something special (while still being safe) to show her how much she is loved. Why not start a Mother's Day traditions that will give Mom some quality time with her children and extended family? Ahead, we suggest fun ideas for both in-person and virtual get-togethers.

Perform a group tribute.

You and your siblings don't have to have powerhouse vocals to honor Mom with a sweet love song. Pick a tune that has a simple melody and smaller vocal range so everyone will feel comfortable singing it. Two songs to consider: "Mother Like Mine" by the Band Perry and "Thank You Mom" by Good Charlotte. If it's safe, get the family together in the same room to perform; if not, use Zoom.

Organize a family parade.

Who doesn't love a parade? Family members can stand together or six feet apart holding balloons, noisemakers, and Mom-centric banners on the sidewalk in front of her house and then march around. Or the parade can be drive-by, complete with lots of honking and waving. When you call her to come outside, it's a grand surprise.

Plant flowers in her garden.

Throw a different kind of garden party in Mom's backyard: Help her plant her spring flowers even if getting your hands dirty isn't your idea of a good time. Stop by a local nursery and purchase some perennial plants—these are the kind that grow back every year—and Mom will love her garden even more.

Watch her favorite movie together.

Whether it's Gone with the Wind or Mrs. Doubtfire, let her choose the film she'd like to see again, with you next to her on the couch or close by on her iPad. Since you're not in a theater, feel free to make running commentary, and don't forget to pass the homemade popcorn.

Invite her for a weekend away.

Like everyone else who hasn't ventured far from home in more than a year, Mom may be excited to travel somewhere (or anywhere), especially if she can spend lots of time outdoors. Pick a place that caters to Mom's interests, has a variety of restaurants and shops, and isn't more than a few hours away from home—unless you two love long car trips.

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Arrange an intimate meal.

This can work either in-person or on Zoom. Coordinate with your siblings so everyone eats the same meal (homemade or store-bought), drinks the same type of cocktail, and wears something nicer than sweats. Brunch is a good idea because it's an easy meal and Mom may like starting the day off surrounded by her children.

Join her at her volunteer job.

The hours she spends each week helping others brings her great joy—imagine how much more joy she'd feel if you volunteered alongside her? Make it a tradition she'll look forward to each year—and so will you.

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