18 DIY Mother's Day Gifts Your Kids Can Give Their Grandmother

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Homemade Necklace Craft

Celebrate Grandma with these kid-friendly recipes and crafts like flower sugar cookies, a tote bag, photograph jewelry, and more.

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woman wearing clay pendant necklace
Chelsea Cavanaugh

While celebrating Mom every day of the week is always a treat, Mother's Day is your chance to shine an extra spotlight on all she does and how much she means to you—and the same goes for grandmothers. There's nothing quite like the love between them and their grandchildren, so you can get your kids in on the action to make something sweet and special.

Let the little ones take the reins on what they want to make for Grandma with some of our homemade ideas. Since this day is all about pampering and treating the matriarch of your family to all the best in relaxation, work hand-in-hand with your little ones to make a fragrant flower soak. This will fill up the tub with soothing scents from essentials oils and dried flowers for the most soothing bath. You can also join forces with your kids to help them bake sweet treats for the holiday. Flower-inspired cookies will be in full bloom and can help Grandma satisfy her sweet tooth.

And, of course, Grandma will love anything made by hand from her grandkids that she can use at all times, like a personalized checkbook cover. Kids can put their art skills to the test to make a custom design she can admire every time she reaches in her purse. Plus, children can make that, too. A custom tote is the perfect gift that will keep on giving with its durable canvas material and beautiful design, courtesy of the kids. Ahead, find more recipes and projects the children can make straight from the heart to gift Grandma this Mother's Day.

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Flower Sugar Cookies

sugar cookie bouquet
Johnny Miller and Raymond Hom

Mother's Day is during the spring when sun seems like it is always shining, and the flowers are at their peak. What better way to celebrate Grandma during this time than by creating delicious flower sugar cookies that are also reminiscent of the season? Kids can use their creativity to decorate them in bright pastel colors with playful designs. Plus, they can top it all off with royal icing for the sweetest touch (and even snag one of their own to taste test).

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Granola Gift Box

granola gift box
Anna Williams

Pitch in with the kids to make a delicious granola gift box with all the fixings for Grandma. Someone makes a big batch of granola, which is simple to customize with different add-ins, while someone else finds the jars of raw honey and plans the packaging (we suggest compostable wooden boxes lined with tissue). Then the kids take over, filling and sealing the bags of granola, packing the box, and making labels to tie on with waxed twine.

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Photograph Jewelry


A picture says a thousand words, so adding a photo to jewelry can make the memories with Grandma even more special. To make this craft, download and scan photos into your computer, reduce to the desired size, and print onto an ink-jet paper. Center a self-adhesive frame over an image; adhere. Use scissors to trim the photograph. Adhere the back of the frame to a matching metal pendant with jewelry glue. Let it dry for at least two hours. Using pliers, attach the frame to your chain with a jump ring.

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Pop-Up Card

mothers day flower pop-up card
Raymond Hom

This beautiful pop-up card makes for a special flower delivery that won't get old or need any watering. This everlasting creation is actually easier that it looks to bring to life. Thanks to our simple instructions, kids will only need to cut the paper in a few different areas (with your watchful eye if necessary) and tape it to make the three-dimensional design an arrangement that can bring just as much joy as a bouquet of flowers.

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Watercolor Paper Roses


These paper roses call for a unique tool: a disposable cone coffee filter. You will actually need a full box of these to mimic the real flower. Once you complete the bloom and add on its floral wire stem, that's where kids will get into even more of the crafting. Make sure to have watercolor paint on hand for them to make a bright, colorful rose. Once the children have mastered one, give them some encouragement to keep it going and make a full bouquet.

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Family Scrapbook

Ribbon Photo Scrapbook
Lisa Hubbard

Help Grandma reminisce on old times by creating a family scrapbook with ribbon details. If you're working with very fragile photos, historical documents, recipe cards—or anything that can easily tear or be tarnished—you'll want to avoid destructive tape and glue. These ribbon mounts allow you to secure these items to the scrapbook page without damaging them. Start with a three-inch strip of grosgrain ribbon; fold both ends down at the midpoint to form a triangle, and then iron it out. Repeat the process until you have two or four ribbons for each item. Attach them to the photo by slipping the triangle (with the seams in the rear) over the corners, and use acid-free double-sided photo tape to affix them to album pages.

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Fresh Flowers

Aaron Dyer

Kids will love picking out fresh blooms to put on display in this gift. To create this project, place floral clay on the bottom of a flower-pin frog to secure it inside of a small, sturdy cup. Fill the cup three-quarters full of water. Set a glass cloche next to it, so you know how high the blooms will be, then cut flowers and greenery, and stick them onto the pins. To finish, set the cup on a plate and cover it with the cloche. Check the water daily—the display can last about a week.

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Pressed Flower Box

flower boxes
Ryan Liebe

Pressed flowers in an enchanting ring or mandala pattern transform plain painted wooden boxes into keepsakes for a lifetime. Choose specimens that naturally lie flat, like pansies, and plot your design. Then pick up one at a time, paint a little glue on its spot on the box, replace the flower, and brush it with glue, from the center out. Finish this project with several allover protective coats. As everything dries, any visible brushstrokes will vanish.

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Flower Soaks

flower and salt soak
Ryan Liebe

Give Grandma the gift of peace and relaxation with homemade flower soaks for Mother's Day. These varieties feature dried roses, calendula, and blue cornflowers along with fragrant essential oils, Epsom salt, and pink Himalayan salt. Stress will be the furthest thing from her mind when she uses this creation. And you can decorate each mixture you make by downloading and using printable labels, so she can pick and choose which one she wants on any given day.

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Clay Necklaces

assorted clay tube and crescent shaped pendants
Chelsea Cavanaugh

Does your Mom love to wear jewelry? Then your kids will enjoy making her a stunning clay necklace from their very own hands for the holiday. You'll need to round up some supplies, like molding clay, so they can sculpt beads or make a pendant in a half-moon shape. Then the little ones can stack on other colorful, stylist accents, such as brass beads, and tie the leather cord together to keep the entire necklace intact.

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Iron-On Tote Bag

kids iron tote bag
Jeff Sowder

Allow your kids' creativity to shine when making this tote. It's quick and simple to do with iron-on transfer paper that fits through any ink-jet printer, available at craft stores. Begin the craft by printing a drawing onto multiple sheets of it, trim out the design, then use a dry iron to transfer the image to the canvas, according to the instructions on the package. Isolate one image from a busy drawing to make a bold, modern (and cute) statement, or duplicate a single drawing several times to make a pattern.

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Heart Bookmarks


Any book-loving Grandmother will love this timeless gift. This project only requires four essentials to piece it all together: heavy card stock, decorative paper, a utility knife, and glue. While it is simple to make, it packs a lot of love. The heart-shaped design will make for an unforgettable bookmark to keep her place as she reads. And it will give her one more reason to have her grandchildren on her mind throughout the day.

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Handwritten Recipe

handwritten pie plate
Ashley Poskin

Recipes passed down from generation to generation are meant to be cherished and preserved as long as possible. One way to make it easier is by skipping the paper and opting to write them down on something you likely already have in your kitchen. We suggest handwriting the instructions from your Grandmother's beloved homemade meals on a pie dish to adorn her wall or sit on her countertop. Plus, she could even gift it back so future generations can keep it in their kitchens someday, too.

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Washi Tape Art

Angie Cao

Kids' art isn't relegated to paints and colored pencils when thinking of ways to craft and celebrate on Mother's Day. This decorative tape comes in a rainbow of colors and graphic patterns that transform a blank canvas into something special. Even better: It's simple to tear and tape and reposition on paper. Let their imaginations run wild to think of the best ways to make a two-dimensional piece of art. Afterwards, frame it and wrap it for a simple and meaningful gift.

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DIY Picture Frame

Gentl and Hyers

To make this fun DIY craft, the only supplies you need are construction paper, uncooked pasta, glue, and a dose of creativity. It's fun for all ages, so parents can join in with kids to make this fun project, too. These picture-perfect frames are just the beginning for this gift. Once kids craft these homemade displays, they can dig into old stashes of photos or family albums for memorable photos with Grandma to add the finish touch.

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Crafternoon Tea

box of homemade mother's day tea bags
Raymond Hom

Fill sachets with a mix of her favorite loose teas or scribble heartfelt messages onto custom tea tags for a sweet gift. Begin by choosing loose teas, then create your desired blends. Place two tablespoons toward the top edge of a cheesecloth square. Roll up the cheesecloth. Gather the ends of the bundle to create a pouch, and tie it closed with cotton string. Next, make a tag for each flavor using craft punches and cardstock. Punch a hole in the center of each tag. Thread tea-bag strings through each tag and knot them. Cut two rectangles from cardstock to fit inside the top and bottom of the gift box. Snip the corners to create flaps. Glue the bottom rectangle inside the box and glue tags to the top cardstock rectangle, and label. Glue to the inside lid of the box.

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Custom Checkbook Cover


These practical, yet playful, covers for everything from passports to checkbooks will make even the most mundane tasks more pleasant for Grandma. And each time she uses them, we're sure that she will think of her thoughtful grandchildren. Using a clear passport cover or clear checkbook sleeve as a template, a child can trace over their one-of-a-kind artwork to make the design. Then simply cut it out and slip the picture inside of the sleeve.

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Caramel-Almond Popcorn

homemade carmel corn in bucket

Deck out a tin container with ribbon and fill it with a sweet-and-salty snack that Grandma can indulge in this Mother's Day. This caramel-almond popcorn, created by Alexis Stewart, will get the job done. She even noted from personal experience that "people love it." This treat boasts a homemade sauce filled with almond and vanilla extracts that covers each kernel of popcorn. Plus, toasted almonds are also in the mix for a delicious, crunchy addition.

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