Creative and Delicious Ways to Use Leftover Easter Ham

You aced the holiday meal, now learn how to make the most of the leftovers.

twice-baked ham croissant served on a gray plate
Photo: Gieves Anderson

Your Easter dinner was well-received by the entire family, but there will always be some food left uneaten at the end of the feast. Instead of thinking about leftovers as a negative, start looking at them as money in the bank, meals (or at least parts of meals) to come. Sure, using up leftover dessert is never a problem, and that leftover stuffing at Thanksgiving always goes fast, too.There are even so many ways to use the leftover hard-boiled eggs that your kids spent hours decorating. But when it comes to the Easter ham, handling leftovers can be tricky: It's a given that everyone will love one day of cold ham with sides, but after that they might rebel. Here are four recipes that show you to get creative with your holiday leftovers.


Make yourself (or someone else) a twice-baked Hot Ham-and-Cheese Croissant. It sounds fancy, but it's actually quite simple: Cut a couple of slices of ham and insert them into a pocket you cut in a croissant, then add Swiss and Gruyère cheese, a little mustard and mayo, and bake until the cheese melts. It's a truly delicious way to start the day.

ham chowder with red potatoes and celery
Gieves Anderson


Here's a warm, creamy bowl of chowdah that even the seafood adverse can get behind. With pink from the ham plus leeks and baby spinach providing shades of green, this Ham Chowder is a springlike take on the piscine classic.

alsatian flatbread topped with flat-leaf parsley
Gieves Anderson


When ham and cheese get together, it's always very tasty. In this recipe, the classic combination star in a riff on tarte flambée, a pizza-like specialty of the French region of Alsace. Keeping it easy, we use a store-bought flatbread for our Ham-and-Cheese Flatbread and top it with plenty of sautéed onions. This snack pairs very nicely with an Alastian white wine or a beer.

ham and snow-pea fried rice in a white and blue pot with a wooden spoon
Gieves Anderson


Even picky eaters will love this colorful and crunchy dinner of Ham and Snow-Pea Fried Rice. This speedy recipe uses up both leftover Easter ham and leftover rice, we call that a double win.

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