Everything You Need to Know About Martha's New Skin Care Line, 86 Elm

Our founder didn't just drop her skin care routine—she dropped an entire product range.

martha stewart in bathroom with beauty products
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It became crystal clear when our founder posted her viral poolside selfie last summer: Martha's skin is a Good Thing. Her radiant, nourished complexion is one we all strive for—and now, thanks to Martha, we're about to be one step closer towards this goal. Enter her new skin care line, 86 Elm, named after her childhood home's address. Developed in partnership with dermatologist Dhaval G. Bhanusali, the four-product range is infused with CBD, a potent topical ingredient that works, she says.

"I had been trying CBD masks, and I thought, Well, gee, this is really interesting. It really is making a difference in the elasticity," she explained in a recent interview with Allure. "If you already have lines, it's not going to take them away, but it certainly diminishes any kind of furrows in your face. And it certainly lubricates, and it certainly invigorates."

86 Elm will launch this summer—nearly a year after her CBD patê-inspired gummies and tinctures debuted on Canopy Growth—which is when consumers can purchase and experience the Revival Serum (which she calls "luscious"), Restorative Night Cream, Rehydrating Mist, and Replenishing Sheet Mask. And while Martha can't say much more about the accessibly priced formulas ("That's the way I've always been," Martha explained. "I really want to give the best value for the best price.") ahead of their unveiling, it's safe to say that they are worth the wait—they were developed by Martha, after all.

martha stewart's bathroom with shelves of beauty products
Gieves Anderson

The rest of Martha's multi-step skin care routine, which begins the second she gets out of the bath, will simply have tide us over. "First, after I take my shower, I spray myself completely with CBD tonic—head to toe, the whole thing. And my back, because you can't reach your back with cream, so I spray my whole back with all that beautiful tonic. I love tonic because it's astringent, cleansing, as well as tightening," said Martha.

Next, she pats on a serum, which is either vitamin C-based or the one from 86 Elm, and finishes everything off with a rich, nourishing cream—either Clé de Peau Beauté's Protective Fortifying Cream ($160, nordstrom.com) or her own—before going back in with serum. She adds a few drop of Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Fluid Matte Foundation ($130, nordstrom.com) into the product for even coverage. "That's my foundation for the day," she shared. "That's what I have on right now, nothing else, just that." After the day is done, she wipes everything away with a cleansing oil and hot washcloth—a step she never misses. "I would never go to bed unless I have washed my face," she told the outlet. "I do not go to bed with makeup on. I can't. I feel horrible."

As for more targeted treatments? She's committed to Mario Badescu; she heads to the brand's New York City salon for regular facials and has done so for decades, she says, noting the product range is as effective as their spa-grade services. She's just as loyal when it comes to fragrance: Though she enjoys collecting perfumes, her signature is—and has always been—Fracas by Robert Piguet ($150.50, amazon.com), which features notes of tuberose and jasmine. There's a sentimentality behind this go-to scent, too: The owner of the company used to live across the street. "He would induce me to bring over a six-pack of Corona beer and he would give me a bottle of Fracas," she laughed.

Martha takes a unique approach to body care, explaining that she regularly uses face-based formulas, like the Sulwhasoo creams (from $100, sephora.com) and Tatcha's Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder ($65, tatcha.com), from head to toe. And to Martha, packaging is important, since she enjoys displaying her product arsenal. "I like the Clé de Peau on my shelf. I want my bathroom to look as good as me," she explained. Ultimately, though, Martha knows a good product goes far beyond the label: She says a committed routine and modern science are the keys to happy, healthy skin at every stage. "Makeup and skin care have improved so drastically over the last 10 years. I'm really happy about it. It really does help a tremendous amount."

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