This Mother's Day, Make Your Mom One of These Extra-Special Food Gifts

Our gift ideas range from easy to advanced, but all are heartfelt, homemade, and delicious.

Mothers always say that the best gifts are homemade, and we have to agree. This Mother's Day, prove the point with one of these lovely food gifts made specifically for your Mom or another special lady in your life. Thoughtful and absolutely delicious, these recipes are sure to make them feel appreciated. What's more, homemade gifts don't always have to be weekend-long projects in order to be a hit. If you want to treat Mom to something fantastic that doesn't require a ton of time, dip your toes in by mixing up a fruity cocktail syrup or an easy rhubarb compote. You could also test your baking skills with homemade focaccia or fancy French macarons. Another nice option it homemade yogurt and granola—you can't buy stuff this good in the store. Read on for recipes and more ideas.

homemade hibiscus-ginger syrup
Chelsea Cavanaugh

Hibiscus-Ginger Syrup

Whether mom enjoys a cocktail or a mocktail, this Hibiscus-Ginger Syrup turns her drink into a craft cocktail experience all in the comfort of home. Since you'll already be celebrating Mother's Day, bring along the rest of the necessary drink fixings so that Mom can sample it right away—there will still be plenty for later. Stir together a refreshing Hibiscus Margarita or mix up the alcohol if Mom isn't a tequila fan—vodka or gin work wonderfully, too. A drizzle of this tasty syrup is also lovely in a glass of non-alcoholic sparkling wine or sparkling water.

onion leek focaccia bread martha bakes
Mike Krautter

Onion-and-Leek Focaccia

Nothing says love more than freshly baked carbs! This beautiful Onion and Leek Focaccia looks like a spring garden with the linear arrangement of leeks and chives on top and is filled with yeasty risen bread and sweet caramelized onions. Focaccia isn't available at every bakery and few foccacia have the pretty as a picture vegetable topping this one has, making it a special and unexpected treat.

jars of rhubarb compote

Rhubarb Compote

Mother's Day falls during a special time of the year for dessert aficionados: rhubarb season. This stalky produce isn't readily available in the off season, so now is the perfect time to lock in the flavor by making this pretty pink Rhubarb Compote that Mom will just love. The flavor is both sweet and tart with a little bite from fresh ginger. It is simple enough to make, yet feels sophisticated packaged in a mason jar. Pair the gift with a pint of ice cream or a loaf of bakery fresh bread so mom can start enjoying it right away.

toasted coconut granola on sheet pan
Chelsea Cavanaugh

Homemade Yogurt and Toasted-Coconut Granola

The rich creamy flavor of Homemade Yogurt beats the average grocery store brand by miles any day. Put it together with Toasted-Coconut Granola and you have an outstanding gift that Mom can enjoy on Mother's Day morning or any day of the week. Since it's made in a mason jar, no special equipment is required to start a batch of homemade yogurt. Once you have it down, you will see how easy it is; you should also expect that once Mom tastes it, she'll want a copy of the recipe, too, so go ahead and include it on a recipe card as part of the gift.

Linda Pugliese

French Macarons

These French Macarons are edible works of art—there's just something so beautiful and delicate about their pastel colors, crisp exterior, and slightly chewy center. Customize the macarons to Mom's taste by filling them with jams like strawberry or raspberry or with a buttercream like pistachio or lemon. Carefully tested by our food editors, this recipe is a winner. That being said, it's still a project and some advanced planning and willingness to work is required. Put in the effort and you will have a decadent gift to share.

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