10 Companies That Will Help Pay Off Your Student Loan Debt

Find the career of your dreams and pay down your educational loans all at once.

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You're past the pomp and circumstance of graduation, as you've flipped your tassel, accepted your diploma, and left campus grounds. Now, you're in real life with real-life bills to pay—and that includes repayment of student loans. But what if it was possible for your employer to pay off this debt while you're an employee? "It's still pretty rare to find employers who offer student loan repayment as a benefit even as more companies are getting on board," says Anna Helhoski, student loan expert at Nerd Wallet. "The employers who do offer this benefit tend to enlist the help of a third-party company to pay your lender or servicer directly so you won't likely get cash in your pocket."

How does this work? "Typical programs offer cash benefits that pay a flat amount on top of your existing monthly payments or an employer-match program," explains Helhoski. Finding an employee who works with you to pay down your loans can be a massive asset to your financial future. "It's a benefit that can make a huge difference in how quickly you pay off your student loans and the amount you'll pay overall," says Helhoski. "Let's say you owed $20,000 at a four percent interest rate. If your employer provided $100 a month on top of a $200 payment you make, you'd finish paying off your debt 46 months faster and save $1,600 in interest."

If you are a college graduate seeking an employer who will assist with your student loan payments, it's worth checking out the job listings at these companies.


Aetna is a health insurance provider that offers student loan assistance for full-time employees up to $2,000 per year with a $10,000 lifetime cap. Those who are part-time can match up to $1,000 per year with a $5,000 lifetime cap. You must have earned your degree within three years of applying to qualify. It's worth noting that the company also offers a tuition assistance program to help those who are currently in school.


Already entrenched in collegiate, Chegg is a textbook rental company. In their equity plan, the company offers full-time employees $1,000 a year to pay on their student loans with no lifetime maximum. Stay employed by the company for two years, in an entry- to manager-level role, and you may qualify for an additional $5,000 annually for student debt. Even better, you can pursue continued education for up to $5,250 per year.

Estee Lauder

Known worldwide for their quality skincare, Estée Lauder and its subsidiaries, including Clinique, MAC Cosmetics, and Origins, offer employees $100 per month to pay on student loans with a cap of $10,000.

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments, which is based in Boston, Massachusetts, with locations nationwide, offers a program that makes payments directly to loan service providers. In total, Fidelity provides up to $10,000 towards employees' student loans.


At the incomparable tech giant Google, employees are annually eligible to receive $2,500 in student loan reimbursement. This was announced as recently as last September when the company announced that it will provide a student loan repayment benefit program to its full-time employees beginning in 2021.


If you work in entertainment and media or tech, the popular streaming service Hulu might be your next career move: Employees of the company who carry student loan debt can expect to receive $1,200 per year toward their student loans.

Live Nation

Similarly, in entertainment and events, Live Nation offers its employees a student loan repayment program: In 2017, they began contributing $100 monthly to student loans, maxing out at $6,000 in repayment. Employees must be with the company for at least six months to qualify.

Penguin Random House

Penguin Random House was the first book publishing company to offer student loan repayment assistance. Since the beginning of 2017, the company offers a loan repayment of up to $1,200 annually ($100 a month) totaling a maximum of $9,000 over seven and a half years for full-time eligible employees.


Fittingly, the personal finance company SoFi offers one of the most unique employer student loan repayment programs on the market by offering $200 a month in reimbursement with no cap.


One of the biggest office supply retail companies in the market, Staples will pay employees $100 per month over a period of 36 months in student loan assistance. It's open to any qualifying employees who have been nominated by leadership for this financial perk.

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