Is Spring Really the Best Time to Deep Clean Your Home? Experts Weigh In

There are several reasons why you're most likely to reach for your mop and bucket during spring—and it's not just because of habit.

With spring comes warmer weather, budding flowers, and more sunlight. But there's another seasonal association that is less anticipated come March and April—spring cleaning. While many people have a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule they abide by, the annual spring deep dive involves cleaning the parts of your home that often go unnoticed.

But if you've ever asked yourself why spring cleaning is a thing—and if there's another time of year when it's more beneficial to reach for your mop and bucket—you're not alone. To answer this age-old question, we tapped our experts, who affirmed that spring really is the best time to deep clean your home. There are a few reasons why, from additional outdoor activity (which means more dirt tracked back inside) and increased pollen.

You Spend More Time Outdoors

After a long winter spent inside, you're likely enjoying spring's warmer weather. "Spring is a season when everyone starts spending a little more time outdoors—and more dirt and germs are invited in," says Julie Mckinney, PhD, R&D director of equity, claims and compliance, hygiene, and home at Reckitt Benckiser. Deep cleaning your home during spring helps limit the amount of dirt and bacteria that is tracked inside your home by pets and children.

More Pollen

dusting mirror for spring cleaning


Increased pollen also adds an additional need to deep clean your home during spring. With the windows open more frequently, the substance can collect in your home and wreak havoc on your allergies. During spring cleaning, be sure to vacuum your mattress to reduce allergens and dust mites, as well as empty your vacuum and blower compartments of your HVAC system to prevent mold, mildew, dust, and pollen from venturing into your home.

Better Weather

Cold weather can make it difficult to clean your home to the best of your ability—something that's made easier during spring. "With the ability to open windows and shake the rugs, spring is the perfect time for deep cleaning," says Andy Telatnik, director of marketing for retail at Bona. Additionally, colder weather makes it challenging to clean your outdoor spaces, like patios and decks. "Areas that get ignored get dirtier, and are going to need a deep cleaning when the weather improves," says Mary Gagliardi, in-house scientist and cleaning expert for Clorox.

Increased Daylight

During the winter, daylight hours are shorter and the sun is lower in the sky. "With less light, you may not notice that surfaces are getting dirty," says Gagliardi. "When there's more sunlight and it's brighter, it makes it suddenly obvious that surfaces have picked up dirt over the winter, especially on windows and window aprons and sashes." Noticing the built up dust and smudges that have collected over the past year may inspire you to clean at the dawn of spring.

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