This idea will have the kids hippity-hopping with joy on Sunday morning.
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two stuffed easter baskets
Paola + Murray

This sweet basket upgrade—inspired by a vintage design Living style assistant Jaclyn DeNardi had growing up—gives any round wicker style a hare's pair. Bend floral wire into two loops, add a center wire, stick the ends into the wicker near the handles, and secure them all with hot glue. Then work matching raffia ribbon over, under, and around the wires, from bottom to top. Poke taupe and coral raffia ribbon through the front to "stitch" on sleepy eyes and a scrunchy nose—a face so cute, it'll make any recipient believe in the Easter rabbit. 

Martha Stewart Living style editor at large Naomi deMañana stuffed these baskets with D. Blümchen & Company German Ostergras paper shreds. They're eco-friendly, extra-thin, food-safe, and available in 12 pretty colors.


What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Step 1

Bend one wire into a long oval shape, about 2 1/2 inches wide. Take another piece of wire and fold it over the oval, creating a "spine" along the length of the "ear." Secure with hot glue at the top. If your center wire is a different color than your basket, hot-glue a length of raffia over it to cover. Stick the ends of the wire into the basket near one side of the handle, and secure each with a dot of hot glue. Repeat for the second ear, securing it near the opposite side of the handle.

Step 2

With basket-colored raffia, begin weaving the ear from the bottom, going over one side, under the spine, then over and around the other side, then over the spine, repeating and alternating the over-under weave. For a tighter weave, gently push the raffia down as you go. Continue until you reach the top. Trim any excess raffia, and secure in the back with a dot of hot glue.

Step 3

To make the eyes, weave taupe raffia ribbon in a U-shape through the basket's weave. Trim any excess ribbon, and secure with hot glue inside the basket.

Step 4

To make the nose, weave coral raffia ribbon in a V-shape through the basket's weave, and secure with hot glue inside the basket.

Step 5

Fill basket and tie a twine bow to the top of the handle.


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