Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton Has the Secret to Making Self-Care a Daily Ritual

The founder and CEO of Chillhouse is paving the way for a modern self-care experience, both in and out of the home.

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Photo: Courtesy of Cyndi Ramirez

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When Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton first launched Chillhouse, a destination for modern self-care that offers everything from facials to massages and pedicures, in March of 2017, her goal was to streamline the beauty and spa experience for busy New Yorkers. "I realized there was nothing in the spa world designed for young adults," she explains. "Massages and other spa experiences were priced at opposite extremes, and didn't resonate with younger consumers."

And now, four years later, Chillhouse has evolved into a one-woman self-care empire, complete with a brick-and-mortar flagship in New York City's trendy SoHo neighborhood and a line of innovative beauty products you can order online and use at home. "As a New Yorker, I knew what I was looking for in a spa experience, and I created Chillhouse to fill that void."

Her Inspiration

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Ramirez-Fulton learned firsthand how important attainable beauty and self-care routines can be. "As the daughter of an immigrant esthetician [her mother owns Mary's Esthetics & Cosmetology in Queens], I was inspired from a young age by the quality of my mother's work—and the impact it had on her clients' lives," she says.

After years of working as a fashion brand developer (and blogging about food and fashion) for a living, Ramirez-Fulton decided it was time to turn her personal interests into a dream career once and for all. "I was always on the hunt for unique lifestyle and wellness products, as well as niche experiences," she explains.

The Mission

After noticing a gap between traditional spas and ones that catered to on-the-go millennials, Ramirez-Fulton embarked on a mission to provide young adults with affordable on-trend self-care services in an aspirational setting. "I wanted to supply 'moments of chill' to busy New Yorkers," she explains. "By offering tried-and-true spa services in a more laid-back atmosphere, Chillhouse creates those moments, both in-store and via our products."

sweater hanging in chillhouse soho flagship location
Courtesy of Chillhouse

Super Chill Space

Located on Varick Street in the heart of SoHo, the Chillhouse flagship store supplies an assortment of essential self-care experiences, including facials, massages, a private infrared sauna, and nail and pedicure services, as well as a full-blown wellness cafe. "The store provides visitors with a space to chill out and relax," Ramirez-Fulton explains. "Even if it's just to grab a latte." Simultaneously ethereal and energizing, the Chillhouse flagship store features arched hallways, neon lights, a soothing pastel color palette, and modern design elements that create what Ramirez-Fulton describes as an "uplifting yet relaxing" atmosphere. "It feels very airy but fun at the same time," she says.

In-Home Spa Experiences

Along with offering state-of-the art in-store spa treatments, Ramirez-Fulton has made it a priority to create a thoughtful selection of Chillhouse products that supply in-home self-care experiences. In July 2020, the brand launched Chill Tips, their wildly popular line of press-on nails which are inspired by their most sought after in-store nail art styles. "Each set comes with a manicure stick and nail file, so you can treat yourself to nail services at home," she says. This past month, Chillhouse released their second collection of spa-inspired products, Chill Day & Night Face & Body Oils ($48,, designed to elevate your mood and simplify your daily self-care routine. "I wanted to not only create beautiful, all-natural, face and body oils that worked for all skin types, but I also wanted the experience of using them to elevate your mood in a transformative way through aromatherapy and feel," she explains.

Looking Ahead

Following the launch of their signature oils, Ramirez-Fulton says the brand will continue to release feel-good products that allow users to create Chillhouse experiences at home. "As curators of chill, we've witnessed the self-care industry evolve like crazy, especially over the last year," she says. "As we roll out more categories of our formulated products, we will continue to bring innovation, but will always stick to our core of making products that are accessible and bring ease to everyday life."

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