Paperless Post's New Invitation Collection—Filled with Flora and Fauna—Is a Lovely Pandemic Stationery Option

The digital wedding suites were designed by creative Stephanie Fishwick, who shared the inspiration behind the series exclusively with Martha Stewart Weddings.

Photo: Stephanie Fishwick, Paperless Post

Soon-to-be married couples have had to make incredible sacrifices and changes to their big-day plans over the last year. And since virtual and micro weddings have dominated during the pandemic, the industry has continued to innovate to accommodate this new landscape (which, due to shifting guidelines, is always in flux). It's this constant state of change that has many couples turning to digital invitations; unfortunately, paper is permanent, and, considering the times, duos needs to be able to communicate date, venue, and detail updates with their loved ones quickly.

Enter the latest virtual invitation collection from Paperless Post. Created in partnership with Stephanie Fishwick, a Virginia-based artist known for her whimsical designs, these digital suites offer customizable layouts for everything from tiny bridal showers to weddings. As for the inspiration behind the stunning flora-and-fauna-dotted collages? Fishwick says they are an embodiment of this particular spring season. "There is an extra sense of transformation, hopefulness, and blossoming that comes with the spring season this year, don't you think?" she tells Martha Stewart Weddings exclusively. "These collages are very consistent with my typical work in terms of the compositions, but I was able to explore some fun color combinations and add in a few new characters."

Stephanie Fishwick, Paperless Post

Fishwick designed each digital piece for this one-of-a-kind collection with nature in mind. "I most often will find a flower or animal or insect that will start a little story going in my head—a world to create around that one element," she notes, explaining that this stems from her experience working with her own clients to complete their vision. "They bring their own favorite flowers, meaningful objects, memories, gardens, or travels, and we'll build the artwork around their story."

The suites feature unique motifs fitting for a spring or summer event. Some of Fishwick's favorite details include blueberries in a basket, an owl floating on a cloud, a glow worm holding a lantern, peapods, a fanged fawn, an undersea treasure, and a skull with a flower; they are "really different," says the designer, and studded with "hidden characters." Some, she shares, even have fun backstories. "The herb garden collage has a small butterfly tying a bow to secure a woven flower basket onto a branch," the artist explains. "I found that butterfly basket somewhere and had to use it! It's so beautiful and also funny."

Stephanie Fishwick, Paperless Post

Beauty aside, there are many benefits to using these digital invitations. For starters, they are inexpensive (depending on your selection, your final tally could come in under $10) and, ultimately, take one more thing off your plate. "So many of my clients have asked for a collection like this—something that is 'ready to wear,' so to speak," Fishwick says of COVID-19 wedding stationery. But if you don't want to give up paper entirely, consider going virtual for the more informal parts of your event, like a Thursday night socially-distanced beach party or Friday morning breakfast with your pod. "For easy RSVP tracking and quickly getting the word out, digital invites are key," she says. "I also love them for engagement parties, anniversary parties, and showers."

The Paperless Post collaboration with Stephanie Fishwick is available now on

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