portrait of kerry diamond
Credit: Jennifer Livingston

Cherry Bombe Founder Kerry Diamond Says That Recognizing Powerhouse Women in the Food Space Is Long Past Due

To remedy this, she launched an indie journal and culled together a cookbook to spotlight these voices. Here, she takes us inside her full career and shares a few of her essentials that get her from one day to the next.
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"There's nothing I love more than telling someone else's story," says Kerry Diamond, who has followed her bliss as a journalist, beauty PR executive, and restaurateur. In 2013, when she noticed how few features were published on women in the food world, she seized the moment, co-launching the indie journal Cherry Bombe to spotlight those who had "found a way into the industry on their own terms, even though doors were shut for a lot of them," she says.

Martha, Madhur Jaffrey, Samin Nosrat, and Mashama Bailey are just a few of the culinary dynamos who have appeared in the biannual magazine's pages, podcasts, and videos, and at events like its annual Jubilee conference. As the brand has grown, so has the tribe. "I love the sense of discovery we provide—new names, new folks, new foods," says Diamond, who (no surprise) also tends to dress head-to-toe in female designers, among them fellow Brooklynites Maria Cornejo and Felisha "Fe" Noel. "Who better to make clothes for women than women?" she asks, ever mindful of building community and camaraderie. "Helping people feel that they're not alone has been a big part of our history, and it always will be."

Ahead, discover some of Diamond's favorite things—though she'd argue that her favorite rituals and relics are the things she truly loves. "Every Sunday, I walk up the block to my local farmers' market. Seeing the beautiful seasonal produce, talking to farmers, and stocking up for the week is heaven, she shares. "As for her most treasured possession? "A rusty little globe, which was my prize for winning the seventh- grade science fair."

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