These pretty baskets can be used throughout the year.
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Instead of using precious storage space to hide your Easter baskets in the off-season, incorporate them into your home's décor by displaying them year round. After all the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans have been devoured, transform your holiday containers into smart, stylish storage options throughout your home with these tips from Tanya Willock and Temidra Willock-Morsch, the owners of the Southampton, New York, home décor boutique, Hidden Gem.

Choose a versatile container.

Traditional baskets—with wide, round bottoms and tall, arched handles—may be the Easter standard, but if they don't fit your decorating style, opt for something more modern. "When looking for an Easter basket that you want to use after the holiday, you want to search for one that represents the aesthetic of your home or space," says Willock. "Think about where you might want the basket to go and what you might want to use it for." Consider a variety of forms, materials, and colors: A personalized fabric bin for your daughter; a woven acrylic container for your teenage son; a handmade, curved-wood crate for your family to share. "One thing to keep in mind is that baskets don't need to be in the traditional circular shape," says Willock. "You don't want to limit yourself to a traditional basket shape or style! Think market baskets, toy bins, trash bins, trays, and utensil holders. We have these really cute bike baskets that would make a great option for Easter—and, afterward, have a fun purpose."

Your basket doesn't even have to be a basket at all: "Personally, we will be using colorful hand-woven bowls this year!" says Willock-Morsch. "We love them because they go with our regular home décor and we can use them as decorative art by hanging them on the wall. To create the Easter feel, we will use traditional cellophane to wrap them and add some fun ribbon."

Use the baskets throughout your home.

If you celebrate with one large basket filled with candy and goodies for your whole family, reuse it throughout the year for bulky items: "Anything from toilet paper in the bathroom, to towels by the pool, to sandals at the front door!" says Willock-Morsch. "Large baskets are always great for magazines and books or cozy blankets in the TV room."

If each person in your family gets his or her own smaller basket of chocolate, toys, and treats, distribute those pint-sized containers throughout your home. "For smaller, kid-size baskets, you can use them for small trinkets," says Willock. "A great space to use smaller baskets is on a cocktail table to hold your remotes, or at the front door to hold COVID-19 essentials. If you want to keep the baskets for the kids, use them to store their small toys, use them in their bathroom for smaller essentials like toothpaste, lotions, and Band-Aids. Sometimes, baskets don't need to have a purpose and can simply go on a bookshelf for stylish décor."

Make them special again next year.

Instead of dedicating specific baskets for Easter-only use, make any basket in your home holiday-ready—and take a sustainable approach—with special fillers and custom additions. Purchase personalized liners for each person in your family to create a colorful, monogrammed collection that you can use in different vessels each year; fill the baskets with traditional paper Easter grass; or decorate them with spring-inspired bows and detailing. "We love the crinkle paper we grew up with in our baskets!" says Willock-Morsch. "It gives that traditional Easter basket look, but if you want to skip the mess, opt for an Easter-inspired fabric or tissue paper to line the basket and add some fun ribbon."


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