Created in partnership with designer Kelly Wearstler, "The California Collection" is the latest series—comprised of eight sun-soaked hues—from the iconic paint brand.
farrow & ball the california collection citrona
Credit: Trevor Tondro

The latest Farrow & Ball color collection paints many scenes of Californian life—off-black Tar speaks to the shade of the sunbaked desert highways, while earthy Citrona, a softened citrus yellow, calls to the lemon trees that thrive in The Golden State's climate. There are six more hues under this organic umbrella, created by American designer Kelly Wearstler; this marks the brand's very first collaboration with an external creative since its inception in 1946 (Farrow & Ball is currently celebrating its 75th year of business).

The California Collection couldn't have come at a better moment, as the world yearns for the calm coolness that only the West Coast can provide. It is this ethos, notes the brand's press release, that drove the entire project; Wearstler believes that the colors found organically in nature resonate on a visceral level. In this sense, the light and landscape of California shine through every shade.

farrow & ball the california collection terra cotta
Credit: Trevor Tondro

And these shades truly are a dialogue, touching on a myriad of moods and California moments. Hazy, a dreamy, muted blue gray, is all fog and marina, while easygoing Faded Terra-Cotta nails the exact shade of sun-leeched clay pots and tiles. Palm, arguably the most energized hue in the palette—rivaled only by Citrona—is an homage to the "iconic trees that dot the Los Angeles Skyline," reads the press release. "It has a desaturated quality, as if always being seen in the clear, bright light characteristic of California."

The scheme wouldn't be complete without its neutrals ("Black and white are colors, too," notes Wearstler), which include Sand (a taupe that reads like linen), Salt (a nod to the flaky crystal only ocean air can provide), and Stoke (a structural gray, true to the rainy season).

farrow & ball the california collection palm
Credit: Trevor Tondro

Wearstler couldn't be prouder of the series, which is available for purchase—along with the rest of the Farrow & Ball range—at, in Farrow & Ball showrooms and stockists, and through your designer. "I always say living without color is like living without love, so it's been a dream to partner with Farrow & Ball on a collection of paint that celebrates the emotions color can evoke," says Wearstler. "Color is the spirit of a room, and provides expressive power to transform a space with your personal voice, whether you're painting all of your walls, or just one."


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