Treating yourself and loved ones to greenery is easier than ever thanks to these virtual shops.
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Whether you're looking for a leafy philodendron to brighten up your bedroom or a handful of succulents for your window sill, ordering houseplants online is an easy way to get your hands on some fresh greenery for your home. "Plants are symbolic in that they keep growing and getting better over time," says Nico Bartoli, the founder of Léon & George. "No matter who the recipient is or what their style is like, they are a welcome addition to any space."

Not only does buying plants online allow you to get your favorite varieties delivered straight to your front door, it makes gifting them a breeze, too. "Gifting a plant is like gifting a mini restorative experience," Eliza Blank, the founder of The Sill, explains. "In a small but mighty way, a plant reconnects the recipient with nature (something we can all use these days), and gives them something to care for and watch grow." Next time you're in the market for a new houseplant, spare yourself the legwork and shop for a plant at one of these websites.

The Sill

Founded in New York City in the summer of 2012, The Sill sources plants from local growers to ensure the highest quality and to support longstanding family-owned businesses. In addition to offering dozens of different houseplants and succulents, the site also provides a digital Care Library with specific care instructions for each plant, as well as monthly virtual workshops to help with all aspects of plant parenthood. "We guarantee plants arrive in happy, healthy condition, or we replace them for free," Blanks says. "Our plants are paired with our ceramic planters, which are designed by our team to complement a range of styles, and are manufactured by a women-owned pottery company focused on limiting their environmental impact."


This company's mission is built into its name—founder Mignon Hemsley aims to ground plant owners with varieties that bring them closer to a natural state. That's why all of their offerings, from fiddle leaf fig trees to golden pothos plants, purify the air and reduce stress.

Léon & George

Based in Los Angeles, Bartoli launched Léon & George in 2017 with a mission to reconnect people with nature by offering indoor greenery that fits busy lifestyles. Today, the site supplies everything from flowering houseplants to pet-friendly plants, all made-to-order and delivered straight to your front door. "Our plants are unique in that they come in handcrafted, heirloom quality ceramic pots, pieces that are timeless in their design and enhance any style or décor," Bartoli says. "And while the plants and ceramics are beautiful, we also pride ourselves in offering top-notch service, from taking out all the legwork of getting magazine-worthy houseplants in your home to offering ongoing plant care support."


Founded by a family of horticulturalists dating back five generations, Bloomscape was launched in Detroit, Michigan in 2018 to help make shopping for premium houseplants a breeze. In addition to regular plant variety launches, the site also sells plant care tools so customers have a curated marketplace of accessories to ensure they are successful and confident in their plant parent journey. "Our plants arrive larger and healthier as they ship directly from the greenhouse, a place with natural sunlight and proper humidity levels," says Joyce Mast, the Director of Plant Buying Programs at Bloomscape, "unlike big box store plants, which spend an average of four weeks traveling from the greenhouse to a warehouse where they're likely not receiving the appropriate light, humidity, or care."


Although Floom is best known for their colorful assortment of deliverable floral bouquets, the site also offers a solid assortment of houseplants you can order with ease online. Founded in London in 2016, Floom supplies uniquely selected, and in some cases, designer curated plant displays, including desert-style succulent arrangements and rubber plants in handmade planters, that they deliver throughout the United Kingdom and the United States. With such a thoughtful assortment of plants and florals, it's no surprise that Floom has produced campaigns for leading fashion brands such as Burberry, Marc Jacobs, and Gucci. "Who doesn't love a plant friend these days? Plus, they're proven to make people happy," founder Lanie Elie says.

The Plant Shop at 1-800-Flowers

If you thought 1-800-Flowers only supplied easy-to-order floral arrangements, then you'd be mistaken. The longtime one-stop shop for flowers has offered plants since its inception nearly 45 years ago, and more recently, launched The Plant Shop in 2020. Packed with a robust assortment of nearly 150 varieties, including hanging plants, blooming plants, succulents, cacti, and more, The Plant Shop at 1-800-Flowers also offers a Plant of the Month Club, where members can sign up to receive a new plant in a decorative planter each month. "From purifying the air to improving productivity and reducing stress, plants are the gift that keep on giving," says Alfred Palomares, the company's Vice President of Merchandising.


For a more curated selection of farm-sourced plants, look no further than UrbanStems. The popular online floral shop also offers a small assortment of carefully selected houseplants in unique planters—think succulents in repurposed T-Rex toys and heart-shaped Hoya plants in bold geometric pots—that can be delivered coast-to-coast via next-day delivery. And since UrbanStems works directly with Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, you can rest assured that you'll only get the freshest greens for the best prices—no middlemen necessary.


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