12 Passover Seder Plates Guaranteed to Become Your Next Family Heirloom

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Studio Armadillo White Corian Seder Plate
Courtesy of Etsy

The Seder occurs on the first or second night of Passover, when families get together to begin their observance—which involves breaking out a Seder plate. "The Seder plate remains on the table throughout the Passover meal. It serves as a sort of symbolic centerpiece, and is filled with six ingredients or items that serve as metaphors representing various aspects of the Passover story—which is what the Seder is really all about," says Rebekah Lowin, founder of Jewish-focused lifestyle blog RebekahLowin.com. "Most families stick to the same six ritual items that have been used for centuries and generations, but some newer traditions have emerged over the past few decades, like the inclusion of an orange to symbolize solidarity with women and LGBTQ communities."

As for the food? "The Seder plate is comprised with specific foods that are a symbolic aspect of Passover," explains Debi Traub, photographer, stylist, blogger, and creator of Simply Beautiful Eating. "A roasted shank bone represents the Passover sacrifice, an egg represents spring and the circle of life, bitter herbs represent the bitterness of slavery, haroset (an applesauce-like mixture with wine, nuts, apples, et cetera) represents the mortar used by the Jews in Egypt, karpas (or greens, often parsley) to represent spring."

The Seder plate also often becomes a family heirloom that can be passed down through the generations. But if you don't yet have one, how should you choose a Passover Seder plate for your table? Lowin suggests choosing one that speaks to your personal style, while Traub says that you can now choose from a variety of modern designs suited to any decorative tablescape. For a selection of the very best, browse this curated collection.

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Clay and Porcelain Seder Plate

Ren-Vois Seder Plate
Courtesy of West Elm

Hand-dyed and personally shaped, this Seder plate, composed of clay and porcelain elements, is sure to become an instant family keepsake.

Shop Now: Ren-Vois Seder Plate, $180, westelm.com.

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Steel Alloy Seder Plate

seder plate

Wood and alloy come together in a geometric design with each bowl labeled in both English and Hebrew of the symbolic Seder foods.

Shop Now: Nambé Geo Seder Plate, $135.75, amazon.com.

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Corian Seder Plate

Studio Armadillo White Corian Seder Plate
Courtesy of Etsy

Corian is a durable, artificial material that is built to last—which is why it's the ultimate medium for a Seder plate you hope to have forever. Created by the duo behind Studio Armadillo, Anat Stein and Hadas Kruk, this piece's swirls and divided center represent the parting of the Red Sea, a pivotal point in the story of Exodus.

Shop Now: Studio Armadillo White Corian Seder Plate, $380, etsy.com.

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Stoneware Seder Plate

RachaelPots Handmade Seder Plate
Courtesy of RachaelPots

Designed and created in her small studio in Brooklyn, New York, Rachael Scharf's handmade Seder plate is made from speckled stoneware clay, glazed to perfection, and features hand-carved Hebrew lettering of the traditional foods for each bowl.

Shop Now: RachaelPots Handmade Seder Plate, $250, rachaelpots.com.

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Star of David Seder Plate

seder plate

This beautiful piece comes courtesy of ceramicist Morgan Levine. At the center of this blue stoneware Seder plate is a striking cut-out in the shape of the Star of David. Its design allows for mixing and matching dishes, also handmade by Levine and sold separately, each one having a one-of-a-kind pattern.

Shop Now: Morgan Levine Ceramics Blue Stoneware Star of David Seder Plate, $325, shop.thejewishmuseum.org.

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Gilded Seder Plate

seder plate

Designer Michael Aram is known for his stunning Judaica pieces—and this Seder plate is shaped to look like pomegranates, one of the most universal and ancient symbols in the world. The bowls are connected by gorgeous golden leaves.

Shop Now: Michael Aram Pomegranate Seder Plate, $165, bloomingdales.com.

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Porcelain Seder Plate

Jonathan Adler
Courtesy of Jonathan Adler

For a posh look, designer Jonathan Adler serves up this piece—the golden accents give this porcelain Seder plate an elegant finish for any modern table at Passover.

Shop Now:Jonathan Adler "Futura" Seder Plate, $150, jonathanadler.com.

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Minimalist Seder Plate

seder plate

In this delicate set, each Seder plate has six pinch pots to hold the six symbolic foods used in the ritual meal. All six pinch pots are clear glazed and lined with 22 karat gold.

Shop Now: Isabel Halley Ceramics The Seder Plate, $390, isabelhalley.com.

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Metal and Marble Seder Plate

seder plate

For real shine, this Seder plate features six nickel-plated bowls with roped gold rims. In its presentation, they all fit on a circular marble slate.

Shop Now: Reed & Barton Roseland Seder Plate, $120.11, amazon.com.

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Custom Seder Plate

seder plate

Nora Fuksman's handmade work of art would be a beautiful addition to your Seder table with its six teardrop-shaped ceramic bowls that match perfectly with the round serving plate. Choose a minimalist white or any modern hue in her palette including green, turquoise, blue, or "banana yellow."

Shop Now: Nora Pottery Art Seder Plate, $216, etsy.com.

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Greeting Seder Plate

seder plate
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Glazed porcelain is trimmed in 24 karat gold for a gorgeous and stylish finish that can be passed down through the generations. The inscription on the serving plate says Pesach, which means Passover in Hebrew.

Shop Now: Williams Sonoma Seder Plate Set, $99.95, williams-sonoma.com.

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Geometric Seder Plate

seder plate

This Seder plate, also by Studio Armadillo, befits any modern table. Acrylic, glass, and brass come together to create a stunning piece of servingware; the bowls are made of glass while the plate is acrylic.

Shop Now: Studio Armadillo Geometric Seder Plate, $233, etsy.com.

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