7 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Alternatives That Your Entire Family Will Love

Rain or shine, these games and activities will be the perfect way to mix up your family's annual egg hunt.

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Just as egg decorating, assembling baskets, and partaking in a family brunch are beloved Easter traditions, so too is the proverbial egg hunt. Whether you're on hiding duty or searching, the highly anticipated event is a ritual many families participate in during the spring holiday.

But what if it's raining, you don't have adequate space for such an endeavor, or you simply want to switch things up this year? Luckily, there are plenty of fun alternatives to the tradition—you just have to get a little creative. No matter which one you choose, both kids and adults alike are sure to have so much fun, that nobody will miss the traditional egg hunt.

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Smash a Piñata

Whether you make your own piñata or buy one, this interactive activity is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Opt for the papier-mâché creation in a holiday-themed shape, like an egg, a bunny, or a chick. Then fill the vessel with traditional Easter candy—think jelly beans, marshmallow chicks, and chocolate eggs.

Carnival-Style Balloon Game

This game is modeled after the dart balloon-popping game at carnivals and boardwalks. Attach a variety of pastel-colored balloons to a board. Each balloon should have a label behind it indicating the prize (chocolate bunnies, small Easter-themed toys, and candy all work). Each player takes turns throwing a dart to try to pop a balloon. If they succeed, they earn the prize on the corresponding tag. For little ones, you can play without darts—simply stick tacks through the back of the board and let them throw bean bags. When the bean bag hits the balloon, it'll press into the tack and pop just the same.

Win at Easter Bingo

There are plenty of themed Easter Bingo cards you can download, or you can play with a regular board you have on hand. Either way, be sure to use something seasonal, like Jelly Beans, as markers and give out Easter basket prizes to the winners.

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Match Eggs

Set up a grid of Easter egg halves with seasonal candy underneath each one. Collect duos of matching candy—two purple Jelly Beans, two chocolate eggs, two marshmallow chicks, and so on—then arrange them under the various egg halves. When kids uncover the matches, they get to keep the candy. Continue playing until all of the treats have been matched up correctly.

Build a Tumbling Tower

Turn Jenga into an Easter celebration by taping prize information to sporadic game pieces. Each player should begin the game with an empty basket. When they take their turn, if the wooden game piece they pull has prize information, they get to add that particular prize to their basket. This way, when the game ends, everyone will have collected a variety of goodies—even if they're the one to knock the tower down.

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Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Though undoubtedly similar to an Easter egg hunt, you can mix things up a little bit by leading participants egg to egg, rather than having a free-for-all search. To play, give each participant a basket with an initial clue inside—or use our printable scavenger hunt puzzle. That clue should lead them to their first egg. The first egg should be filled with candy and another clue. Aim to lead participants to about a dozen eggs. Just make sure the last one is something special.

Minute to Win It Marathon

Set up an Olympic-style marathon of minute to win it games. For the uninitiated, these are easy, but fast-paced games that take just 60 seconds to play. Consider things like stacking as many egg halves as you can in 60 seconds, how many Jelly Beans you can toss into a jar in 60 seconds, who can walk the farthest with a chocolate egg balanced on their head in 60 seconds, and more. The winner of each game gets a point. When the marathon is over, the player with the most points gets to choose from an array of prizes first.

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