Here's a Brilliant Idea That'll Help You Organize All of Your Loose Odds and Ends for Good

This upcycled container will store buttons, beads, and home-project hardware.

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Take a look in your catchall drawer, and it's evidently clear: Loose items quickly become disorganized, hard to reach and find, and even lost. The solution we've come up with? Tackle boxes.

You can tackle a lot more than lures with these sturdy boxes. The compartments that make them indispensable to fishermen will win over neatniks and collectors, too (especially the kind who thrill at sorting their stuff by color, shape, or job). Fill them with items you don't want to get mixed up, from jewelry, buttons, and beads to picture-hanging tools, paper clips and push pins, cake-icing tips, and the extra yarn that comes with sweaters—in other words, all those little essentials that get tangled up or lost in a drawer.

compartment boxes for craft storage
Chris Simpson

The larger compartments can help to keep your tools—like a hammer or pair of scissors—clean and in pristine shape. And did we mention they're great for marbles and tiny Legos? Yes, we are hooked.

If you want to recreate this Good Thing of ours, opt for one of these pictured products: Plano ProLatch Fixed-Compartment Stowaway Box ($9, or ProLatch 3500 Stowaway Tackle Box ($5, Purchase multiple boxes and you can organize your items by project: If you're a crafter, perhaps its hardware for jewelry-making and pliers; if you're an avid art collector, perhaps its a matter of keeping your nails, hooks, screws, and loops of wire all together for your next gallery wall. Plus, they're acrylic, so you can see through to the items easily as you unlatch the box.

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