Staub's Best-Selling Tall Cocotte Is on Sale for Up to 60 Percent Off Right Now

It's available in three mesmerizing hues, but the discount only lasts for a limited time.

staub la cocotte dark blue
Photo: Courtesy of Staub

Dutch ovens are versatile for cooking and look stunning in the kitchen year round, but we think they really shine in winter. That's because you can cook hearty, one-pot meals like coq au vin, beef chili, and beef bourguignon in a Dutch oven or cocotte, which are exactly what we want to eat when the temperature drops. Fortunately for home cooks everywhere, Staub's bestselling five-quart tall cocotte is currently available in three beautiful hues for up to 60 percent off ($219.99, Choose from dark blue, graphite grey, and grenadine—three glossy shades that will instantly add a pop of color to your stovetop.

The tall cocotte has a narrower base and taller sides than Staub's standard 5.5 quart cocotte ($259.99,, which is great if you have a small stove to cook with or are using multiple pots and pans on the stove at one time. It's the very reason why professional chefs love this particular cocotte so much. All of Staub cocottes are oven safe up to 500°F and are dishwasher safe (though experts recommend hand-washing to maintain its pristine condition). Each French cocotte also features a black matte enameled interior, which does not require any seasoning, unlike other types of cast-iron cookware.

The five-quart tall cocotte has nearly flawless reviews from home cooks. One user wrote, "This pot is everything you would expect from a Staub cast iron. Exceptional craftsmanship and quality. The innovative black matte interior provides exceptional heat distribution and retention." Another reviewer notes that they "love the additional height" which is "perfect for boiling and deep-frying without having to worry about splattering and spill over." Try making our Test Kitchen's Favorite Churros or French Fries in the tall cocotte and see it work its deep-frying magic.

Staub's Five-Quart Round Tall Cocotte normally retails for $514, but with a saving of 57 percent off, there's never been a better time to invest in this classic piece of cookware that you will use for generations to come. As a bonus, it ships for free within one to two days.

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