Embroidery Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram

Seeking inspiration for your next project? Here are some of the most crafty and creative accounts.

It's no surprise that hand embroidery is considered a fine art form as artists cleverly weave patterns ranging from quirky sayings, delicate cacti designs, fluttering butterfly stitches, to other intricate needlework resembling faces to famous places. Perhaps, you're one of the many people who have decided to stop twiddling your thumbs as the pandemic rolls on and, instead, put your hands to good use by picking up a needle, thread, and an embroidery hoop.

Whether you're a grand millennial who loves a kitschy stitch or someone who has been hoop embroidering for a long time, this curated list of embroidery artists will provide endless inspiration for your next project.

Walker Boyes

If you're a fan of colorful stitches that highlight Mother Nature's creations in the most flattering of ways then Walker Boyes, who's work is featured above, on Instagram is a must-follow for you. We love the intricate designs featuring flowers to winged butterflies and charming bicycles that he fits onto a single hoop. Follow: @walkerboyes

Caitlin Rethwish

Butterflies on moonbeams, whimsical sunshine motifs, and dreamy moonscapes all complexly stitched on taut fabric held by a wood hoop frame makes this form of crafting look easy. Whether Caitlin Rethwish is stitching fanciful designs on fabric or hats, it is sure inspiring. Follow: @etceteraembroidery

Sarah K. Benning

If you're a lover of houseplants and not yet following Sarah K. Benning on Instagram, do yourself a favor and join her 501,000-plus community. Benning creates the most detailed works of art on her hoops. She's so good, you'll be left wondering how she does it. Follow: @sarahkbenning

Chloe Giordano

Little stitched leaping rabbits, tiny squirrels, and darling woodland animals are hallmarks of Chloe Giordano's works of art. This inspiration comes just-in-time for spring, as her feed is blooming with tiny animals and little petals. Follow: @chloegiordano_embroidery

Anna Hultin

Nature lovers will be Insta-shook scrolling through Anna Hultin's feed. Hultin, a self-declared "contemporary embroiderer," features a lot of work based on the wildlife life one would see when living in Colorado. Looking at her most current creations leaves us excited for what she will see (and then stitch) come spring. Follow: @olandercoembroidery

Jessica Long

As a Phoenix local, Jessica Long creates unique embroidery inspiration as well as tutorials and kits for fellow enthusiasts. We love how Jessica not only shares her latest stitches on Instagram but gives valuable insight so others can re-create. Follow: @jessicalongembroidery

Andrea Brinkley

Andrea Brinkley is a unique hoop embroidery account as creator, and Andy specializes in wool embroidery alongside jewelry. Here, followers will find inspiration to stitch on other vessels, not just their wood hoops. Andy's wool embroidered sweaters are beautifully cozy. Follow: @oandystudio

Ravel Embroidery

The artist who goes by Ryan, behind the Instagram account @ravel.embroidery showcases contemporary stitches that highlight diversity as well as fashion. Fashion aficionados will appreciate Ryan's unique eye when it comes to profiles as well as empowering messages all stitched on hoops. Follow: @ravel.embroidery

Nneka Jones

Nneka Jones, creator of the account @artyouhungry, is another contemporary embroidery artist who stitches famous faces such as Madame Vice President Kamala Harris as well as the iconic basketball player Michael Jordan. Follow: @artyouhungry

Lilia Lima

It's safe to say that Lima creates some out-of-this-universe designs with a needle and thread. Her alien beaming galaxy hoop stitch is reason enough to follow her today. If not for the aliens, her embroidered cat creations are pretty spectacular, too. Follow: @liliacadeosbordados

Diana Yolanda

One thing about Instagram we love is that talent and inspiration can be shared from all parts of the world, like Mexico. We love Diana's botanical motifs featuring everything from stitched herbs to cute cacti. Follow: @dianayolandaembroidery

Kimber Casteel

For those who are brides-to-be or maids of honor, keep Casteel's embroidery skills in-mind as she embroiders brides' wedding day bouquets. Sure, you could dry your wedding flowers, but Kim's pretty designs add another sentimental element that's forever expressed with needle and thread. Follow: @kimartdesigns

Beth Stackhouse

@Forestchorusstudios is a pastel lover's dream, as Beth stitches flowers of all variations. New and old embroiders will admire Beth's attention to detail as every petal is cleverly stitched to life. Follow: @forestchorusstudios

Inez Tan

Inez Tan creates family and kid-friendly embroidered art on her Instagram account. Followers will be inspired by her creativity as she even works magic with needles creating embroider kid necklaces with the tiniest wood hoops. Follow: @inezdesigns

Gimena Romero

Gimena creates 3-D embroidery on her hoops that are as close to Insta-gold as you'll be able to find. Some of her latest creations are the cleverest as they look like small embroidered prize ribbons. Follow: @gimenaromero

Veselka Bulkan

Veselka Bulkan, creator of @catchtheinspiration, serves as a major inspiration to her following. Nature lovers will appreciate her earth stitching style as she has created hoops inspired by carrots, trees, plants, and other natural elements as well as ultrasound pictures. Follow: @catchtheinspiration

Danielle Knowles

Not to be confused with Beyoncé, Danielle, creator of @fiance_knowles is a verified Insta creator. Her designs take form on canvas ranging from psychedelic rodents to painter Bob Ross. Follow: @fiance_knowles

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