How to Make a Pretty Chain for Your Face Mask or Eyeglasses

It's a wearable accessory with multi-purpose practicality.

beaded eyeglass mask chain

Mask chains are a bit like handheld vacuums—you don't know you need one until you've experienced their greatness! Much like a chain for your glasses, the mask chain is all about convenience, keeping your face mask close and at the ready whenever you need it—that means no more digging through your bag to find it. Lobster clasps make it easy to change out your mask each day for a fresh one and are easy to clean and sanitize. Don't feel like going to the trouble of beading your own chain? No worries, you can easily reconfigure a vintage necklace and turn it into a chain—it's the perfect use for that one you bought at the flea market.

What You'll Need


  • Beads (Bead Landing Champagne Mix Glass Seed Beads)
  • Beading wire (Bead Buddy Bright 7-Strand Beading Wire, 0.38mm)
  • Lobster clasps, 15 mm (Bead Landing Rhodium Lobster Claw Clasp, 15 mm)
  • Crimp barrel (Bead Landing Crimp Barrel)
  • Jewelry pliers (Bead Landing Jewelry Pliers Tool Set)
  • Crimper tool (Beadalon Micro Crimper Tool) (optional)
  • Beading needles (Beadalon Big Eye Beading Needles) (optional)


  1. diy eyeglass mask chain

    To create a mask chain from scratch, cut a length of beading wire measuring approximately 40 inches long. On one end, slide a crimp barrel on, then loop it through the jump ring connected to the lobster clasp. Feed the wire back through the crimp barrel and use a crimper tool or pliers to "crimp" or seal the barrel shut.

  2. Thread the other end of wire through a beading needle and add 24 inches of beads. Once all your beads are on, slide the wire through one side of a crimp barrel, then through the jump ring on the lobster clasp. Loop the wire back down through the crimp barrel, then squeeze it closed with your pliers.

  3. eyeglass mask chain clasps

    Trim excess wire, then attach the beaded chain to your mask using the lobster clasps.

  4. Optional: To create a mask chain from an existing necklace: Use jewelry pliers to remove the clasp and open the jump rings; slide the lobster clasps onto the jump rings and close with jewelry pliers. If using a beaded necklace that has been strung with cotton string, restring the necklace using ​beading wire,​ then follow the previous steps for crafting a beaded mask chain.

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