Celebrate a new arrival—girls and boys—with modern combinations.
baby shower gifts on table
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A baby shower is a wonderful way to celebrate any parent-to-be and their baby on the way, but if you've been tasked with the planning (whether in-person with a small group, in the form of a drive-by shower, or with a virtual celebration), you know that pulling off the perfect event requires a fair amount of work. From color schemes and invitations to décor and catering, there are plenty of decisions to be made before the baby shower. And whether it will be hosted in person or virtually due to social distancing, it's important to come up with a clear theme from the beginning. While that doesn't mean you have to commit to throwing a full-blown woodland- or Winnie the Pooh-inspired brunch, you can certainly focus on a theme, a color palette is often sufficient enough. Then, once you've settled on a suite of shades, you can pepper your chosen colors in to everything starting with the invitation and continuing through to decorations like signage, napkins, centerpieces, favor tags, and more. The result is a cohesive and sophisticated looking event.

But what colors look best? Blue and pink are common choices, but try to think outside of the box: Though undoubtedly attractive and suitable for celebrating a baby, these old standbys are a little expected. There's a whole rainbow of other hues that work just as well for a baby shower, and these will make your event stand out from the rest. For inspiration, try the following color combinations. Whether you're celebrating at home or in a public space, they lend themselves to the occasion beautifully.

Mint and Gray

If the guest of honor is "mint to be" a parent, this is a beautiful color palette to explore. It's particularly suited for a garden or tea party, too. And if you want a bit more color, try adding in a few pops or dusty rose.

Yellow and White

The sunny hue is great for distinctly-themed events like a celebration for the "parent-to-bee," but also works just as well if you choose to forgo a theme. In that case, add in some hints of green and stud centerpieces with yellow tulips or sunflowers.


For something a little whimsical, try a rainbow of pastel colors. Think lavender, robin's egg blue, pale yellow, mint, and a soft bubblegum pink.

Black and White

This graphic color palette isn't at all stark. Lean on mudcloth patterns for a modern celebration, or opt for stripes if you want your event to skew more classic.

Lavender, White, and Gold

For a baby girl, a soft shade of purple—like lavender or lilac—looks just as feminine as pink, especially when paired with white and pops of gold.

Mustard, Burnt Orange, and Gray

For a baby boy, this suite of rich colors lends a cool retro vibe—especially when paired with pops of navy.

Turqoise and Yellow

This cheerful color palette works great for both boys and girls. To keep it chic, not overwhelming, lean on white, then use the bright colors as accents—think yellow, white, and moss-colored flowers in turquoise vases rather than blue tablecloths with yellow napkins.

Orange and Peach

For a little cutie on the way, an orange ombre effect with pops of green is a super sweet color palette to carry throughout.

Green and Gold

Whether you're planning a woodland, safari, or secret garden-themed baby shower, this a combination of a deep green and a sparkling gold looks incredibly sophisticated.

Nude and Brown

Though these muted shades may sound like an interesting choice for a baby shower, an array of tonal colors is just right for a boho-inspired event. To up the glam factor, add pops of metallic bronze or gold.


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