In true Martha fashion, her advice is equal parts practical and pretty.
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While your fluffy friend can bring so much joy to your life, owning a dog isn't all idyllic walks and rounds of fetch. From tracking their muddy paws onto your pristine rug to nibbling at your treasured throw blanket and their rampant shedding, your pets can often be at odds with your home. Martha considers her pets as valued members of her family—she even teamed up with Canopy Growth to create CBD-infused dog treats. "It's very nice to have animals," Martha said during a roundtable about her new product line earlier this week, adding that, "Chow Chows are non-obsequious. I love that about them. They are not big dogs. They are extremely well behaved. They are very friendly. They are kind. And they are extremely good watch dogs." Felines are favored in her household, too: "When I had more cats, we used to have nice cat birthday parties. They're treated so well every single day that every day is their birthday." In her ownership of multiple animals, she also knows the importance of pet-proofing the home. One of her favorite tricks? A set of expanding bamboo trellises.

dog sitting in front of a garden trellis dog gate
Credit: Joseph De Leo

"On 28th Street in the Flower District, there's a store called Jamali [Garden] and they have these expandable wicker gates that are like little fences that you can pull across a door," she explained. "There are certain openings in my house—to my formal parlor, to my dining room—where those little gates exist. Those are very helpful. The spaces are large enough for the cats to get through, but too small for the dogs to get through."

The natural bamboo material is an elevated upgrade to a plastic or metal room divider. The trellises come in two sizes—a compact two-foot by six-foot style and a larger four-foot by six-foot option—so they fit in a variety of entryways. And thanks to its expanding, accordion design, she can easily remove the trellises whenever she sees fit.

While Martha prefers Jamali Garden's expanding bamboo trellises (starting from $12.99,, you can easily choose one to match your home's style and space needs. Purchase a comparable one: either the Master Garden Products ($24.98, or Breakwater Bay's Graddy Wood Expanding Trellis ($33.99,

If this sounds familiar, you'd be on the right track. It's also a Good Thing: "You love your dog—and your dog loves your new sofa," we wrote in the November 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living. "Create fur-free zones the way Martha does, with accordion-style willow fencing from a garden center. (This is not to be used as a baby gate.) Attach two or three large eye-screws to both sides of the doorjamb. Sand unfinished ends of fencing, link into eye screws, and ignore your dog's baleful looks."

A pet-proofing trick that's stylish, practical, and DIY-minded? That really is a Good Thing.


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