Everyone likes more dessert, right?
dessert table on old farm cart

One of the easiest—and arguably most fun—decisions to make while wedding planning is about the desserts being served during the reception. But it's not just wedding cake flavors that you're tasked with selecting. Dessert tables have become extremely popular, and even if you plan to serve a beautiful, multi-tiered wedding cake, you might be wondering if you should offer an array of other sweet treats. Ultimately, the decision is yours: In no way are you expected to have a full spread of extra desserts, but guests will definitely eat them if they're there. Here are a few factors to consider when deciding on your dessert menu options.

They're a Nice Touch If You Know Several Guests Have Food Allergies

Food allergies and dietary restrictions are more common than ever, so if you know that several of your guests won't be able to eat a slice of traditional wedding cake, it might be nice to have something else for them to enjoy after dinner. Consider having a "dessert bar" with different mini desserts—including gluten- and dairy-free options—that your family and friends can choose from.

It's a Nice Way to Celebrate Your Love of Dessert

If you or your future spouse really love dessert, why not make a spectacle out of it? Trust us when we say that no one will complain about there being too many dessert options at a wedding. Along with the wedding cake, you could offer cookies, cupcakes, pies, or even ice cream or milkshakes. The possibilities are endless. You could also consider having a dessert reception, where all that is offered are sweets.

You Can Pair Desserts with a Special Drink

You can even consider offering a dessert wine during your reception's dessert course. It's something fewer people are exposed to, and it could be a fun way to teach your guests something new. A boozy milkshake, spiked coffee or hot chocolate, or even regular old coffee and tea are also appreciated additions.


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