Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis with the Help of Our Favorite DIY-Friendly Backyard Ideas

unfinished wooden garden lattice with greenery
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There are so many projects you can take on yourself.

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Private Backyard with Flowers and Shrubs
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A home's backyard is full of potential. Whether you have wide, sprawling space or a small plot, the space immediately behind your home is yours to do with what you please, so why wouldn't you transform it into the type of outdoor oasis you've always dreamed of? After all, it's a blank, green canvas that, with a little creativity and elbow grease, could easily become your new favorite place to be. But starting from scratch when it comes to making your area feel extra special can feel overwhelming. That's why we're sharing backyard ideas that you can make, or cultivate, yourself.

The backyard ideas you'll see here truly run the gamut. Beginner crafters, gardeners, and even well-seasoned wood-workers will find DIY projects that fit the bill. If you've been wanting a reason to spend more time in your backyard after the sun sets, adding a fire pit is a great idea—one the whole family is sure to love. When the weather begins to cool off, gathering your family around the fire and toasting some marshmallows for s'mores will have everyone thanking you for your hard work.

We also have easier—and smaller-scale—backyard ideas that will add some subtle freshness to your outdoor space. A flowing water fountain made out of primordial pots will make the great outdoors feel that much more tranquil. Best of all, it's really not that difficult to create: This simple DIY project involves only four steps and we're sharing plenty of ways to customize your creation. Another water feature worth considering is a birdbath; while you won't be able to use it yourself, you'll love that it that will have winged friends flocking to your space. It's made of terra-cotta and comes together in under five steps.

Explore more of our backyard ideas to spruce up your space, no matter its size.

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Create a Vining Garden

unfinished wooden garden lattice with greenery
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Want to bring both more color and more privacy to your backyard? Grow vining plants, like climbing hydrangea, roses, or honeysuckle, up over a section of lattice. While it's a fairly hands-off project—you'll just need to set up the lattice panels, then plant your preferred shrub—but will require time for your flowers or greenery to become established.

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Add Some Color to Your Furniture

puppy sitting on an outdoor sofa
Ashley Poskin

Shock with a pop of blue (or whatever hue suits your fancy) in your backyard scenery—the finished product is sure to delight. This simple restoration will make the outdoor area your new favorite place to get some fresh air. If you don't have an old outdoor sofa, you can seek one out at a flea market or antique store.

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Build a Pond

small pond backyard patio area
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Yes, it is possible to create a pond in your own backyard, but it's a project that'll require some time and a fair amount of work. But the finished product is well worth that effort: Not only will it look great, but the trickling sound of water has a calming effect, too.

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Use an Outdoor Rug

Aaron Dyer

Who says rugs (when they're made of the right fabric) can't be used outdoors? If you have one that you love that's seen better days, make this DIY and add it to your backyard patio for a lovely idea.

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Craft a Bird Bath


Terra-cotta is a tried and true medium for an array of DIY projects in the backyard, but we think it lends itself most beautifully to this birdbath. Make your backyard an oasis for feathered friends, too, by setting up this beautiful bird bath in your backyard.

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Give Your Patio Set a Refresh

outdoor patio table and chairs
Ashley Poskin

Elevate your backyard furniture with a little bit of paint and creativity. After a few hours, you'll have transformed your entire seating area without ever having purchased new pieces.

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Grow Fragrant Flowers

sweet pea spring annual
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A backyard idea that will delight multiple senses? Plant sweet smelling blooms like gardenias or sweet peas, pictured here. Most flowers will require some level of ongoing tending, but the beautiful, colorful results will make the process entirely worthwhile.

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Build an Herb Garden


Create this tower of herbs and you're giving yourself the gift of fresh, flavorful ingredients all season long. Add it to your backyard and place it where it'll receive ample sunlight.

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Hang a Wreath

sweet laurel retreat hanging orange wreath

Whether hanging from a tree or from your back door, this citrus garden wreath is a fun idea to liven up your outdoor space. Best of all, it's a project you can complete quickly, which means you can easily swap it out for a new design anytime the mood strikes.

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Make a Bird House


Whether you're a bird watcher or someone who just loves to experience animals in the backyard, creating a birdhouse is the perfect DIY project for you. Creating this modern A-frame is actually easier than it looks like it would be, but it does involve a bit of woodwork. Customize your finished piece to suit your home's unique style.

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Construct a Deck

white and gray Room and Board patio furniture
Courtesy of Room & Board

If you have ample backyard space, building a deck is a great way to make the most of the space—and it can even add to your home's curb appeal. The process is definitely time-consuming, though, and will require a great deal of work (and potentially permit requests with your municipality), so it's important to fully consider what you're getting into first. If a DIY doesn't sound up your alley, talk to a local contractor about having one professionally built. Either way, it's bound to be a feature you'll use for years to come.

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Add a Raised Garden Bed

california house vegetable garden bed
Kimber Collective

Whether you want an elevated patch to save your back or you love container gardening, incorporating a raised garden bed into your backyard will help you yield lots of gorgeous crops.

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Grow a Vegetable Garden

farmer holding an assortment of vegetables
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Do you have an unused plot of land in your backyard? Put it to good use by transforming it into a vegetable garden. After all, few things are quite as rewarding as enjoying the fruits of your labor. Plant anything from peppers to tomatoes—depending on the climate—and enjoy your harvest.

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Make a Water Fountain


Yes, you can make a trickling water fountain in your backyard—all you need are a few extra pots, a pump, and some piping. Once it's done, sit back and relax in your new zen-like oasis.

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Make a Fire Pit

outdoor fire pit overlooking a sunset
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Making a fire pit is actually easier than you might think—and it serves as a welcome addition to any backyard once the weather begins to cool off. If building your own sounds too labor intensive, purchase a pre-built option and devote your time to landscaping around the area where you'll set it out.

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Welcome Bees

diy bee home for backyards
Brendan Austin/courtesy Space10

Bringing pollinators to your backyard is a way to ensure your garden stays blooming all season long. You have a few options on how you'll achieve this goal: Building a beehive that they can call home is great, but filling your beds with pollinator-friendly plants will also welcome these important creatures to your backyard.

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Erect a Trellis

arch trellis covered pathway with climbing pink roses and vines
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Trellises are perfect for growing vining plants, but they also help create a shade-like canopy and lots of visual interest. Purchase a pre-built trellis, then get to work planting your favorite flowers and greenery to grow along each section.

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