When nature is calling, here's how to stay warm and cozy in style.
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Winter keeps many of us indoors. The cold, dreary days of the season mean that we want to stay inside where it's warm and comfortable. But we can still find ways to enjoy our outdoor living spaces even if it's covered in snow. "People are definitely enjoying more time outside, especially in their own backyards," says Heather Napier, Marketing Director for Backyard Discovery. "While there are so many health benefits to spending time outside including stress reduction and calming your mind, being outside as a family is also a great way to reconnect, have fun, play and make memories."

Before you spend time outside, you may want to clear your backyard of snow and clean off any outdoor furniture. The backyard can be a great place to spend time during the winter but it does require some ingenuity and planning when the temperatures are low. Try some of these tips to enjoy your outdoor living space this winter.

people enjoying outdoor space in the winter
Credit: Marcus Nilsson

Outdoor Heaters and Fire Pits

You want to make sure to stay warm while spending significant time outside. "When the weather is colder, adding outdoor heaters or small fire pits are great ways to stay warm," Napier says. Propane outdoor heaters, like the highly-rated Style Selections/Garden Treasures Stainless Steel Floor-Standing Liquid Propane Patio Heater ($243.99, amazon.com) offer a wide range of coverage but also more safety risks. Follow all operating instructions for propane heaters and electric heaters when using them inside or on the patio. Small fire pits like Martha Stewart's Bedford Wood-Burning Round Fire Pit ($273.99, amazon.com) provide intimate, cozy, wood-burning warmth for an evening in the backyard.

Pergolas and Covered Gazebos

Another way to enjoy your outdoor living space is to be outdoors but still in a covered structured. "Investing in a pergola or covered gazebo is also a great way to offer protection from the elements and create an inviting outdoor space," Napier says. "We have also seen a big increase in sales of play sets and playhouses this past year, which are both great additions to any backyard for kids to have fun, use their imaginations and enjoy their backyards in any season." Try the best-selling Fireside Cabana Pergola with Conversation Seating from Backyard Discovery ($2,999, backyarddiscovery.com), which is an all-in-one backyard set that features everything you need for spending time outside.

Blankets and More Blankets

While the outdoor heater may help to keep you and your family warm, bundling yourself up in a blanket can ensure that you are toasty even when the weather outside is frightful. Wearable blankets, like The Comfy Original Oversized Microfiber and Sherpa Wearable Blanket ($39.99, amazon.com), offer another way to stay warm while hanging out in your outdoor living space. And if it's really cold outside, make sure to also wear hats, gloves, scarves and a coat, if needed, so that you never even feel the icy chill of winter.


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